The Darkside Of The Festive Holidays 

By Ange Fonce

A personal message from Ange... to The Tribe of Dynamic Lifers.

The Holiday period is one of my busiest times of the year... unfortunately not for the most "positive" of reasons... I am regularly contacted by people who are on their own and "feeling" down and depressed.

Because during this time of year... most people like to "think" that they should be having a good time. 

Whether it is the celebration of Christmas... Hanukkah or the start of a New Year... all around them there are signs of "happy families" and festivities. 

What goes unspoken is that for many individuals... the holidays can be a discouraging and very lonely depressing time.

People who are single... often "feel" the sting of being without a partner or family of their own.

The old "feel" lost and lonely... the homeless "feel" abandoned... this is the time of year when the suicide rate climbs dramatically... it is also the time of year with the highest "relationship" break ups. 

Many want... that this will be their last Christmas alone. 

It is not only singles who worry during this time. 

Many wives wonder if their husband will finally "feel" that they want to be more than just an occasional participant in the family during the upcoming year.

Service families "feel" the stress of being apart.

If you or someone you "love" has ever struggled during this time of year... then you will "understand" what I am sharing with you here.

I am telling you that this is a more "common experience" than most people realize. 

With everything being all about "happiness" this time of year... being "alone" can really hit home... "hard"... sometimes ending in "tragedy!"

The culprit for most "feelings" of loneliness is that people tend to isolate themselves when they are "feeling" discouraged. 

As trite as it may seem... the answer to such "feelings" involve the simplest of "solutions."

Remind yourself of those you "love" and those who "love" you. 

Actually make a list out of these people... once you have this list... make sure that you "contact" them this holiday season in a "personal way"... and I do not mean just sending a card. 

It is "important" to "actually" get on the phone and speak with them... it does not have to be a long phone call or an extended visit... just make sure that you "listen" to them and give them the "opportunity" to "listen" to you as well.

Even better still... get out and go visit people if you can.

Myself I am out visiting the homeless and old people I know who are on their own over the holiday period... and will be making lots of phone calls.

When you "know" that others "love you" and you "experience" that "love"... your holidays will not seem as alone as they did a few days ago.

And "truly" what are the very best "gifts" you can share with others...

Your LOVE... your TIME and your CARING!

And is that not one of the PRIME VALUES of being a Dynamic Lifer... making the World a "better place" by being the BEST you can be.

May you have a Merry Christmas... Happy Hanukkah or whichever holiday you celebrate during this Holiday Season.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic Holiday!

Yours Sincerely


Ange is an  Author... Speaker... and Dynamic Peak Performance Personal Development Consultant... and Humanistic Counselling Psychologist and Sexologist... who works with men and women who desire to "personally develop" themselves and their "relationships" to become Dynamic Lifers... "creators" of their own life and wealth! 


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