The Control Illusion

By Ange Fonce

It is a modern "illusion" and very widespread... and it has been marketed and sold to us in many ways. 

It "motivates" us... and it "frightens" us and drives the "consumer mania" of a materialistic world. 

The "idea" that you are in "control"... that your work is so "important" and "leveraged" through "force of will"... that you can "ensure" that things will turn out as "you choose." 

We extend this to our sports and hobbies and adventures as well... the "compelling belief" that you are almost in "control"... that you are right at the edge... that this ski run or this play or this "experience" will be the one "you earned" through "your extensive planning" and "investment" and "skill."

Financial advisors... travel businesses... dating gurus and everyone in between peddles us the story that if we just team up with them... we will get "exactly" what "we expect"... that it will all be as "we dreamed" it to be.

Unfortunately... "life" does not work like that... life is full of "chaos" and "randomness"... always has been and always will be.

So you can see where the "disappointment" lies... you are "never in control"... not of anything... not even the "constant monologue" in your head and the "actions" you "choose" to take... which are often forced upon you by "random circumstances" and "everything else"... if you are fortunate... there is a matter of "influence." 

If you do "your work" and "invest your energy"... perhaps you can "influence events"... perhaps you can "persuade others"... perhaps you can "contribute to things" turning out in a way you are pleased with.

That is a "tough sell" to put forward to anyone who has been sold and "convinced" of the "illusion of control"... yet it is more "truthful" and more "accurate." 

And yet... back against the wall... the "powerless person" shrugs their shoulders and says... 

“It is out of our control.”

And the person that has to say to others... 

“We failed... yet we did our best to control events... it just slipped away from us." 

Interesting to note that company executives get huge bonuses and take the credit in years their companies do well because of high prices... yet when prices go down... it is obviously never their fault... it is "market forces" beyond "their control."

And what of the team says to its fans... “next year.” 

When the "illusion of control" collides with the "reality of influence"... it "highlights the fable" the "entire illusion" is based on.

You are "responsible for what you do"... yet you do not have "authority" and "control" over the "outcome"... you can hide from that "responsibility"... or you can "embrace it."

And does that mean you are "powerless" in your life events?

No you do have the Mastery of Influence... if you care to "learn" to become "influential!"

The Mastery of "riding the wave."

Because have you ever "witnessed" a Surfer "controlling" a powerful rolling ocean wave?

No... you "see" their skilled Mastery of Riding it... "reading" and "feeling" the energy of the wave with their Mastery... "balanced" and not one once of "control" anywhere!

And if they get "wiped out"... they just "ride" the next wave!

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

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