The Bingo Method For Creating Influence And Resourcing Projects

By Ange Fonce

At some point you will need to make a deal with yourself.

What is this project for? 

What are the boundaries? 

What are you keeping score of... maximizing and improving? 

Who do you serve?

Once you make this pact do not break it without a great deal of serious thought.

You might say you are seeking to create freedom and joy. 

And then incrementally you find yourself trading freedom for money... for status or for approval from strangers.

Or you might sign up to build leverage and wealth. 

Which is fine except when you blink in the face of the huge opportunity you have worked hard for because you do not ask the best questions and present them in the best way.

We know you cannot have everything. 

No one can. 

So what is it for?

The best time to make a pact is right now. 

And the worst time to revisit this pact is when there is a lot of short term pressure on what you are seeking to create and make happen.

Say you might need help to turn an idea into a project.

Most of the time though project creators walk up to those that might help and say... 

"I have a glimmer of an idea will you help me?"

The challenge for the people you are asking is this... 

It is too challenging and open ended and where is you plan for resourcing? 

To offer to help you means to take on too much and of course people are hesitant to sign on for an unlimited obligation to help with something that is important to you and not to them.

And they are the ones who take the risk of resourcing your creative idea.

Consider the... 

Bingo Method

First build a 5 x 5 grid of 25 squares. 

Twenty five elements that have to be present for your project to have an opportunity of success

If it is a fundraising event one of the grids might be... 

"Find a location that will host us for less than 1000."

Here is the key... 

Fill in most of the grids before you ask someone for generous help. 

When nine or twelve of the squares are marked... 


And when another six are marked... 

"In progress." 

Then what you ask for is a lot smaller and more focused.

A glimpse at your bingo card indicates that you understand the problem and that you have highlighted the difficult parts

And that you have found the resources and the knowledge necessary to complete most of it.

Now when you ask for help... you will have just asked a much easier and clearer question.

Which others can feel comfortable with and maybe able to buy into and resource you.

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