The Age Of The Introverts Is Already Here

By Ange Fonce

Convention has it that "successful people" tend to be "extroverts" who can easily build "relationships" and promote their “personal brand”... give riveting presentations... and generally "press the flesh" in face to face situations.

That “conventional thinking” is fast becoming outdated... and here is "why" it is...

Because there is a great equalizer now in existence called the “internet”... were the “innovation” of the “introverts” can be fully expressed “constantly” and “consistently” in so many ways that are just not available to them in the “physical world”... it was like “cyber space” was designed for “introverts” which is not surprising seeing it was “introverts” who created it... and "extroverts" are not very good at that... “innovation” and “creative” stuff... give them a football to kick around or a fast car to drive or a show... film to perform in and they will be happy.

In the past in the physical world pre internet... any form of success  needed both “introverts” and “extroverts”... the “introverts” would be the “back room crowd” like for instance... the engineers... the writers... the artists... designers etc.... who did the “innovating” and “creative” stuff... while the “extroverts”... the “front room crowd”... did the “performing” end of things in the “physical world"... and of course got all the "credit" for "success"... now we have “cyber space”... who needs the “front room crowd”... when the “back room crowd” can do it all themselves! 

And that "front room end of things" is rapidly being “automated” both in “cyber space” and the “physical world”... the “introverts” are “automating” the “extroverts” out of existence... as a result... the “extroverts” are becoming less essential to “success” and in many cases are simply dead weight.

Take sales both in “cyber space” and the “physical world”... according to the research of the future economy... a million face to face salespeople will lose their jobs within five years in the UK alone... because online ordering systems are rapidly becoming more sophisticated and intelligent... and traditional "road warrior" face to face selling which favours “extroverts”... will greatly diminish in favour of “inside selling”... where the salesperson sits alone in an office and “communicates” with customers online... which favours “introverts” because it is heavy on research to find out more about a customer and does not involve crowds of people... and “requires an ability” to “create innovative solutions” to “unique customer problems”... plus "introverts" are more than happy to work on their own.

The same is becoming true of marketing...  in the past marketing involved attending a lot of meetings... giving a lot presentations... hosting trade shows... running focus groups... and so forth... all of which is “classic extrovert” activity.

Yet since the growth of “cyber space” is increasingly “data driven”... because we can measure almost every “activity” of people and their habits and marketers are becoming more like “engineers”... it is “brians” that count now... a top marketer today is mostly all about “data” which suits “introverts.”

Same thing with “management” and “leadership”... as working with people is becoming more dispersed around the world... “leadership” is now less dependent upon “personal charisma” and more dependent upon the ability to "interact effectively online"... you still need “people skills”... yet it is a different “skill set” to do on line... “introverts” are just better at doing this than “extroverts”...  they tend also to be more “tech savvy”... and I know this from my own experience... being one of the first to pioneer working face to face with people on line in my profession.

Since all these trends are continuing apace... it is fair to “question” whether there is much of a role for “extroverts” in todays must be innovative... creative... dispersed... globalization world. 

All of this is obviously a great opportunity for “introverts”... as the internet drives an ever faster pace of “change”... “introverts” who were once relegated to the “back room” are now “front” and “centre”... in fact “introverts” have become the “whole deal” now “communicating” directly to everyone... they no longer need “extroverts” to act as the “front end” and by default... claim all the "credit."

In fact... most of the really successful modern entrepreneurs are “introverts” through and through... the “geeks” are taking over. 

While “introverts” innovate and create... "extroverts" are mostly show... so in a world where “innovation” and “creating” is crucial... do we really need the "extroverts?"

Yes we do... because we still want to see them kick the ball around... drive fast cars... perform in films and put on a show... there is still a place for them to perform their stuff... it is now though the “introverts” running the show and “creating” and "innovating" the future world... and getting the "credit" for it!

Brian is becoming more than the muscle... “introvert” is the "new way!”

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

Ange is an  Author... Speaker... and Dynamic Peak Performance Personal Development Consultant... and Humanistic Counselling Psychologist who works with men and women on line and real world who desire to "personally develop" themselves and their "relationships" to become Dynamic Lifers... "creators" of their own life and wealth!

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