The 5 Unnatural Stages of Acquiring Your Goals

By Ange Fonce

Ever wonder why it is so hard to acquire your goals? 

Because acquiring and achieving Goals is NOT a natural Human thing to do. 

To acquire and achieve a goal requires a lot of conscious and focused effort. 

And it is probably because you are not aware of and managing your states and stages.

What am I talking about? 

Well it is actually pretty simple.

Know Your Natural States And Unnatural Stages 

Or stay stuck and frustrated.

Through my experience in coaching hundreds of people and helping them reach their goals I learned that there is an order and system to everything including acquiring goal achievement.

I learned that there are 5 unnatural stages we go through when it comes to acquiring goals

Then through careful observation I also understand that there are 5 natural states that you are in which determine how quickly and easily you move through those stages.

In other words knowing your stages is like having a MAP to know where you are at in reference to your goal.

And knowing your state is like having dashboard GAUGES in your car to know what level of performance you are operating at and be able to make adjustments.


The 5 Unnatural STAGES of Goal Achievement

1... Day Dreaming... this is where you are thinking about a change and have no real motivation to do anything about it. 

Basically just wishing which to be honest is a natural state for most people. 

What is unnatural is to progress for this state to make your dreams a reality.

2... Desiring... here is where you are beginning to be motivated and you are thinking about what you want more and more. 

It bothers you too much to not have what you would like... yet you do not know what to do and what challenges must be overcome etc...

This is an unnatural state because you want to move away from the natural state you are in. 

Now you desire more.
3... Designing... at this stage you are learning... planning and strategizing how to reach your goal ... most people stay STUCK here because they are uncertain about which plan to use as they do not have what they need or no support and their doubts... insecurities and bad habits get in the way.

This is the state when you natural ways battle with the unnatural ways you want to develop more off.
4... Developing... this is where the rubber meets the road and you are taking action

Here it is a lot better to measure your performance not your progress in order to be sure that you are actually consistently doing what it takes.

Now you are developing the unnatural way to become your new natural way.
5... Dream Achieving... time to celebrate and enjoy your new results. 

Yet it is easy to stop doing what it took to reach your goal and not maintain your results AND it is time to start the process all over again day dreaming about your next big goal!

Now the NEW NATURAL STATE that you are consistently in controls how easily you accelerate through the stages.

Here is what I mean...

The 5 Unnatural STATES of Function

1... Destructive State... here is where a lot negative thoughts and self doubt... dysfunction and bad habits are active which keep you from making any progress at all. 

In fact probably going backwards and downhill fast.

2... Oppressive State... in this state you are trying hard to keep things together and get your basic needs met. 

You may be determined yet stress... problems and obstacles seem overwhelming so that you are just seeking relief from problems and not making any progress.

3... Passive State... in the passive state you have found some balance and your needs are being met yet you are stuck in your comfort zone using most of your energy just to stay okay and you make little forward movement.

4... Progressive State... once in the progressive state you start seeing change and you are moving ahead steadily and it probably is not very easy. 

It takes forced determination and will power here. 

Most people who are committed do well here for a time and then backslide into one of the lower states.

5... Expansive State... the expanded state also know as being in the flow is the optimal state because things happen easily... quickly and effortlessly for you. 

You are enthusiastic energized and very optimistic and CAN learn how to get and keep yourself in this state much more.

It is important to understand something about these states as you are always in one of them and it can change throughout the day.

What is more critical is to manage the average state you are in over a period of weeks... months even years because this has a much greater effect on your ability to accelerate through the stages.

Have you any thoughts or comments you would like to share with me on what I have written?

I would love to hear from you.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Loving... Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

Ange Fonce

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