The 5 Masculine Traits Women Find Attractive In Men 

By Ange Fonce

Women are “hard wired” to be turned on by certain “masculine qualities” in a man. 

Biologically... every woman desires that she can pick the partner with the most “advantageous genetic make up” and "personality traits." 

Here are the 5 most “common masculine qualities” women will find “attractive” in men... and if you exhibit some or all of these “qualities” then the Chasing Fantasy will likely begin to manifest itself in the womans “mind”... and I explain the "basics" of the Chasing Fantasy here...

Quality 1... Social Acceptance... 

You do not need to have a lot of friends... yet you do need to have “great relationships” with at least a few close “individuals.” 

If you are “close” with other people then she will “desire” your “companionship” as well... her “primal brain” will say... 

“Other people like this man and “trust” and “accept” him... I probably will too.” 

Quality 2... The Protector... 

Perhaps above all “masculine qualities”... women want a “protector”... and to “feel” safe.

Fortunately... we now live in a day and age where this does not mean possessing the ability to fend off opposing tribes and fight a sabertooth tiger with your bare hands... in todays terms... this simply means being a “thoughtful” and “caring” individual... who is “authentic... trustworthy” and conducts themselves with “integrity.” 

Somebody who will take “care of her” when she is sick... “listen to her” if she has had a rough day... and “pick her up” if her car breaks down. 

Quality 3... Well Kept And Well Groomed... 

Women want a man who “cares” about his “appearance”... this does not mean you cannot “own” your own “personal style” or that you need to be super clean cut. 

It just means whatever look you decide to go for... you need to “own it”... if you are a lumberjack or fisherman... own the look... wear flannel... just make sure your clothes are “washed” and “ironed”... keep your beard and make sure it is “well trimmed”... wear work boots to the bar... just do not track mud everywhere you go. 

You probably would not think this... one of my closest friend is a real geek... who has no problems with building “attraction” with women... wears basketball shoes and athletic shoes when we go... the thing is... he OWNS it... he wears what he is comfortable in and he keeps himself looking clean and well kept. 

The point here is no woman finds a smelly... dirty man irresistible or a likely suitor for "sexual" endeavours.

Quality 4... Spontaneity... 

Women want to be “challenged” and feel “excited”... they want something to brag about with their friends... and coworkers... they want to “feel” they “live” an “exciting” life. 

Ignore her texts for a few hours and then text her... 

“Sorry... just got back from sailing with my friends and did not have my phone… how was your day?” 

This hits both "spontaneity" and "social proof" because you were with your friends... just be “genuine” in what you are saying... that you was REALLY out doing such things... do not “bullshit.” 

A Masculine Man is "authentic!"

Quality 5... Passion... 

Last and certainly not least... is “passion”... and not just "sexual passion"... a "passion" for life and "passionate" about what you do... have you ever heard when it comes to “attracting” a woman... that “passion” is “attractive”... and it does not matter if you are old... bald... fat... or broke? 

Well... that is because it is TRUE… as long as you are on the rise and have a “mission” a “purpose” in your life. 

If you drive a 20 year car that is held together by bungee cords and duct tape... IT DOES NOT MATTER... as long as you are “fuelled” by a “purpose”... as long as you KNOW you are going to be a “success” and are putting in the “work” to do it... women find this IRRESISTABLE. 

This is why women find the “struggling artist” so appealing...  this archetype of this character SLEEPS IN HIS CAR... and women will DROOL over him…when he is driven by PASSION... “think” about it?

If you start “exhibiting” some or all of the aforementioned “qualities” then women will find you “attractive.”

If you play “hard to get” a bit... while “exhibiting” these “qualities” it up will make the “attraction” all the more “intense” and it will drive most women completely crazy.

Do not “know” how to play “hard to get” while also “expressing interest?” 

Here is one tip I have... yet first... put yourself in a womans shoes for a minute here. 

Imagine being an “attractive” woman and “knowing” for certain that almost every single man would be willing to have “sex” with you if you asked them to. 

Now imagine you straight up tell this woman... 

“I think you are really cool... so it would probably be best if we did not hook up because I do not want to ruin this friendship... let us be friends.” 

What do you think that would do to her?

Well it would drive her CRAZY... because every man she knows wants to bang her… except you??

And she will be “pursuing” you wanting to KNOW... why you are different!

Because there is a very simple rule here... 

The one who is “pursued”... and is "courted" has all the POWER!

And as a man... “how” have you felt when a “woman” you are “pursuing” and "courting"... turns and says to you...

“I like you... and not in that way... let us be friends.”

That is the part where you go CRAZY and start asking WHY?

And it will “drive” you on even more to KNOW why... and prove her wrong... and so she has all the power.

It cuts both ways... and the more “hotter” the woman... the more CRAZY she will be... because you are the one who is different... you said...

“I like you... so let us be friends.”

How come you not wanting to “bang her”... like everyone else... and she will be driven to “know” why? 

And to “prove” you wrong. 

NOW who has the POWER!

Because a Masculine Man never chases... he ATTRACTS!

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

Ange is an  Author... Speaker... and Dynamic Peak Performance Personal Development Consultant... and Humanistic Counselling Psychologist who works with men and women on line and real world who desire to "personally develop" themselves and their "relationships" to become Dynamic Lifers... creators of their own life and wealth!

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