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In Our Imaginations

Posted by ANGE FONCE on Saturday, July 5, 2014, In : Ange Fonce Writings 

A story needs at least two people to exist.

One who writes the words from their imagination... and one who reads the words in their imagination.

And it is the point of connection between the two... in their imaginations

The writer... and the reader... that the story becomes... alive.

Full of colour... full of feeling... full of meaning.

It is where the emotions mix... one touches the other.... each can become aware of the other.

Without the writer... without the reader the story between two people ...

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Emotional Intensity Musical Vibes And... Women

Posted by ANGE FONCE on Sunday, June 29, 2014, In : Dynamic Social Courting & Courting Men & Women 

Emotional Intensity Musical Vibes And... Women

By Ange Fonce

All women are not created equal... some are sexy... cute little creatures.

Some are scary... angry... bitchy.

And when you are going to spend time out with your friends... talking to women... mixing it up with women... should they not be the cute... funny...interesting... smart and sexy types? 

Truth is over the years I have spent many hundreds of  hours in bars... clubs...lounges and yes even the rave and party scene in the pas...

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Would I Recommend You To A Woman?

Posted by ANGE FONCE on Saturday, June 28, 2014, In : Dynamic Social Courting & Courting Men & Women 

Part of my profession as a Psycho-dynamic Person Development Coach and Counsellor is coaching both men and women... how to first “socially court” members of the opposite sex and when there is more there in the way of “attraction”... to move forward to a more personal style of “courting” and please do not confuse this with... “dating”... I am not a “dating coach.”

Social Courting and Courting is very a very different style and “mindset” of intentions with members of the ...

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In order to reach your goals you have you use different types of behaviors to acquire them and attract the people you want in your life and to enjoy the lifestyle you create for you.

Unfortunately most men and women only come from the position of NEED!

So they miss out on the many and varied opportunities that life presents to them and scare away men and women who could be potential good for them. 

Dynamic Life Development Systems

Personal Development Academy 

When a man or a woman invests in them selves and comes from a strong frame and attitude of...

Dynamic Esteem & Confidence

They are more attractive, content, happy. friendly and ultimately all the more Dynamically Successful in their life.

When you adopt and constantly practice personal development methods such as becoming optimistic and possess healthy personal esteem.

Your  confidence will naturally become more Dynamic  as you develop to live your life as you desire. 

These practices become more  natural the more you use them and make them part of your nature... it is a wonderful way to boost oneself and indeed your life. 

And by applying such methods to your life constantly will enable and empower you to live a productive,  fulfilling Dynamic Life!

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Dynamic Life Development Systems

Personal Development Academy

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The Tribe of Dynamic Lifers The DYNAMIC Express Magazine
The Tribe of Dynamic Lifers The DYNAMIC Express Magazine
The Tribe of Dynamic Lifers The DYNAMIC Express Magazine
The Tribe of Dynamic Lifers
The Tribe of Dynamic Lifers The DYNAMIC Express Magazine
The Tribe of Dynamic Lifers The DYNAMIC Express Magazine
The Tribe of Dynamic Lifers The DYNAMIC Express Magazine

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