Super Charge Your Personal Development 

Key 2 And 3

By Ange Fonce

Following on from last weeks article Super Charge Your Personal Development Key 1.

In this article I will cover the basics of Key 2 and Key 3 with you to help you develop your own personal development.

So let us get started and read on...

KEY 2... Know your BIG reason WHY?

Just because you believe in something it does not mean it is going to serve you in acquiring your goals like losing weight... creating wealth and developing great relationships... in fact your beliefs could actually be sabotaging you. 

Instead ask your self...

What is the purpose of the goal you want to acquire? 

WHY are you working on what you desire to acquire for yourself?

Because when you ask yourself WHY... you get to the root cause of what your motivation is as in...

WHY are you desiring to do this? 

In the previous article I went into the reason WHY knowing and understanding your WHY  is so important to you... because it is an opportunity to expose the things you believe in and are those beliefs that can block and sabotage you and those beliefs that can serve you and benefit in acquiring your goals.

When your purpose and you what you desire to acquire in life are not aligned with your beliefs... you will suffer the constant frustration of not succeeding as your very own belief system is constantly working against you... when you look at those people who are successful at what they do in life... their career... business... health... life style and relationships... you will find their values... beliefs and purpose are all working together and congruent with each other and they are totally focused on acquiring the goals they set themselves and their MISSION is to FULFILL them as best they can!

So do you know your WHY?

KEY 3... WHAT are you doing things for?

When you ask yourself the question....

"What am I ACTUALLY doing this for?"

You open up another line of thinking about your beliefs and what is driving you... working from the inside out... most people do not even consider let alone know WHAT they do in life... business...  health... relationships or other ventures and even fewer people actually ask themselves these questions?

"What am I doing this for?"

"What are my values...  do I even KNOW my values?"

"Is what I am actually doing serving and benefiting me and helping me to grow as a person and acquire my goals in life?" 

"Do I in fulfilling my purpose serve others and the greater good?”

When you ask the WHAT question... you are again exposing your beliefs and in what way your beliefs are affecting your behaviours to scrutiny... through your belief system you have developed behaviours and ways of thinking that can be self sabotaging and incongruent with your values and this even extends to personal relationships with other people.

When you ask the WHAT question... ask yourself...

"Is what I am doing... my VALUES... BELIEFS...  BEHAVIOURS actually serving me in my purpose to acquire my goals... if not HOW can I effect changes?"

And in the next article I will be sharing with you about Key 4 and 5.

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