Success Secrets And Sinking Sharks

By Ange Fonce

"Success is a matter of luck. Ask any failure." - Earl Wilson

As I look in my idea "clip file" I see it is set to burst.

So how about for this article I dig into those clips and release a few of those random ideas into the wild?

For instance...

Here is a selection of something from, the incredibly prolific productivity and practical living blog.

Say they... just a few universal skills are enough to help you succeed at anything. 

Which skills? 

They give twelve. 

I will give fewer. 

Topping the list is TIME MANAGEMENT

You just have to know "how" to prioritize. 

As one who battles with not enough hours in the day, 

I have to second that. 

You need to work in an organized space, too... they say. 

I am not sure how much I agree. 

Some people I know who are amazingly "creative" and "productive" work in organised chaos. 

And I do agree... you at least need a great and "reliable system" for taking and organizing notes.

And thi..., because you also need  these days... to be better at finding "information" than ever... think Google "master user" not just casual searcher.

In sync with that... you need to be able to "analyze information"... especially in "how" your different discoveries relate to each other... and also in which data you will find in the end... is either useful or useless. 

What else? 

Being TOTALLY FOCUSED on what you are doing.

A reality oblivious... stubborn optimism about your goals does not hurt. 

Nor does the a LOT of interaction with other people... no matter what your field. 

As you head to the beach this summer... convinced it is safe to go back in the water... here is a fun little tale of rags to riches. 

It was the early 1970s and on a movie set in New England and all was not good. 

For one thing... the giant robotic shark that was supposed to star in the movie kept sinking. 

And the salt water kept corroding its motor. 

Just as bad... the film crews could not get the weather or the sea to cooperate. 

Changing light... storms and choppy seas... it was looking like "Jaws" would never get made. 

The script... per had already been through five rewrites before filming started. 

And it still was not finished. 

And the new head writer had more experience with sitcoms than people munching... monster shark thrillers.

He kept slipping jokes into the dialogue. 

And the young director... you know him now as Steven Spielberg...  had to figure out how to work in chilling shark scenes to counter balance... and without a predictably functional shark to show.

So what did they do? 

They rewrote the whole thing as a character driven piece. 

They made the scary scenes as much or more about the unseen threat of the shark. 

And in the end they rewrote movie history. 

"Jaws" launched Spielberg as the most bankable director of all time... won Oscars... and still scares beach goers today, 42 years later. 

All this from a movie that Spielberg himself says... 

"Never should have been made." 

If you are a movie buff, search the rest of the story on 'tis pretty cool.

Crazy about multitasking and how you are "killing" your success.

Well some new research says... multitasking might just be just the thing to drive you crazy. 

That is for all the bragging some do about getting lots done at once...e.g.... writing novels while playing piano with one foot and knitting with the other... it turns out to be a bad idea.

Multitasking makes you feel good. 

And it actually decreases your "productive output" by creating something called "spotlights" in your brain. 

Your brain bounces around, on scans... and never spends enough time in any one area to develop essential skills.

A Stanford study even showed that the more you multitask... the worse you are at knowing which information you take in is valuable and which is irrelevant. 

Short version... If you work with your email window open... your phone ready to vibrate with new messages and Tweets nearby... and your work document hovering above all of it... you might be cheating yourself and others of greater talents.

Instead try working in a conscience "single tasker" mode. 

Limit yourself to opening only one browser tab at a time. 

Talk out your "to do" list each night with a partner... to purposefully refine it and whittle it down.

And here is an interesting one...  

While you are working... do not just take breaks. 

Use the breaks to move to a different work location. 

This might seem "counter intuitive" and breaking contact with your surroundings forces you to focus on the work you take with you. 

One more bit... then I have got to run. 

Do not just be good at what you do. 


Copywriter Bob Hutchinson posted an interesting insight on his website. 

Says Bob...

"Not only are "long form" sales letters and articles are not dead... as many have claimed... they are back big time." 

When I saw that... I said to myself...  

"Wait... the long articles went away... where was I for that?"

As I am sure it would not surprise you, 

I have just kept on writing long articles this whole time. 

I want to give GREAT VALUE and INFORMATION to those who read my articles.

And one last thing.


Find out what others want and HELP them get it. 

Because they have come to you with their "problems" and want a "solution?"

Supply the SOLUTION to their problems?

SUCCESS happens because you provide other people with a MEANING... a SERVICE... a "form of Identity"... an experience of ... wait for it... VALUE!

Remember it is about them and not you... always be of SERVICE to others.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

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