Social Courting The First Filter Of ATTRACTION 

By Ange Fonce

"Ah... did it hurt?"


"When you fell from the pedestal... did you just cringe... freak out a little?... Me too."

Above is a "line" a man shared with me that he had learned to say to women.

The Law Of Averages states... that SOMETHING will work with SOMEONE... some were... some time... and when you say "strange" and offbeat stuff like that... on average... expect her to feel sorry for you.

That is probably not an optimal way for getting to her to agree to your...

"Let's go."

Do You Think And Feel You Are Not Measuring Up?

Look... you have walked away from interactions wondering if the other person liked you. 

You have given out your phone number and have not had your calls answered or been called back... and it makes you wonder what you could have done differently?

Fortunately... you do tend to ask yourself good questions.

Am I really all that good looking?

Not a 10 on the "Hot or Not" website?

Me neither... it is life.

When you are a man... and it comes to "looks" you are more fortunate... women use different yardsticks to measure "attractiveness" then men.

When you are a woman... you are still fortunate if not more so when you have good genes in the form of physical beauty... if you did not do so well in the gene lottery... it is a tough world out there.

When you check the mirror and your waist line says you pay attention to your body then you have a more "opportunities" with the other person who pays attention to their body.

When you look at your clothes and realize that you have paid attention to your clothes... then you have more "opportunities" with the person who pays attention to their clothes.

When you realize and "understand" that "attractive appearances" do matter... despite all the spiritual twaddle... you have more "opportunities" with those who have the same realization and "understanding" that "attractive appearances"... REALLY do matter.

Are you interesting?

Now... that is tougher question to answer... yet can be more readily repairable.

The First Filter of Attraction...

Those who have worked with me past and present and have become Dynamic Lifers will always be able to hold their own in a conversation... as they "understand" that creating and "holding" a "captivating" conversation in building "rapport" to create deeper "attraction" on an "emotional level"... is a REAL skill and yet is secondary... in the "attraction" process.

You have to pass the First Filter of Attraction before you can have a more "meaningful" conversation beyond the realms of  "social etiquette" and good manners.

And this is were "physical attractiveness" REALLY counts... because you only have about 3 seconds to make a good impression... appear "attractive" and "likeable."

Your first "impression" will either "make you" or "kill you" in another's perception of you in about 3 seconds.

Sucks... right!

Yet... that is the way Nature has evolved us to work... to screen out those we find "unattractive" and disregard them... and "focus" our attention on those we are "attracted" too. 

The Likeability Label...

Unfortunately... if you come off as less than desirable in those 3 seconds... you are stuck with it... unless you have the skills... the knowledge and understand to turn it around... and even then that "first impression" will linger in the others mind. 

For most men and women that "first impression" is set in stone... once first impressions are formed... they then act as a Time Filter for all new incoming information about you... and when you "think" about it... you are doing "exactly" the same to other men and women... filtering them out on your "first impression" of them.

You are filtering them out as "attractive" or as "unattractive."

The real life Scientfic research is clear on this... both men and women rely on first impressions much more than later information when evaluating someone... as a possible mate to have babies with. 

This is why "first impressions" are vitally important... especially when looking for a potential "mate."

So... where would you put your self on a scale of between 1... 10... for creating an "attractive first impression?"

Then go ask people you know and if you are really brave... people you do not know... how would  they would rate you on a scale between 1... 10... for an "attractive first impression."

You will usually find you "rate" yourself "higher" then others perceive you... which is a "positive" trait when you know you are "attractive"... it is not a "positive" trait when it is self deception.

There is always room for "improvement" and personal development... not only to be more "attractive" to a potential "mate."

To be "attractive" in ALL areas of your life... and have others "attracted" to you.

And that is called CHARISMA!

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!
Yours Sincerely

Ange is an  Author... Speaker... and Dynamic Peak Performance Personal Development Consultant... and Humanistic Counselling Psychologist and Sexologist... who works with men and women who desire to personally develop themselves and their relationships to become Dynamic Lifers... creators of their own life and wealth! 

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