Social Courting Do You Choose The Lazy Mans Method Or Not? 

By Ange Fonce  

One question I am asked a lot is how to find good dating advice for men that is both practical AND useful... there is a lot of stuff out there and if you are not careful you could get pulled into a bad philosophy.

In fact... let us talk about that for a moment... what is your philosophy toward dating and dating advice?

For many men that are out there in the singles world today... you find that very few are looking to be a pickup artist and most are looking for a single high quality partner... that is right... most men are not out to just get laid fast... they want to meet and attract a woman with the qualities that they feel they can stick with.

Modern “dating advice” for men tends to fall into one of these two camps...

1... Either how to get laid tonight with very little integrity or honour 

2... How to improve your social and courting skills“realistically to become attractive to women.

Watch out for the following outrageous claims made on any of these mens dating advice sites like the... 

Lazy Mans Method

Yes everybody wants the EASIEST way to do something... yet it is like the old "snake oil" remedies... how successful have you ever been doing something the "lazy mans" way?

Not very... I would suggest and that is what you will get with these methods lazy has NEVER been a compliment and it never should be... because it is the “something for nothing mentality.”

Overnight Results

Yet again this is a ridiculous claim... that is marketed and intended to get your buying temperature jacked up... fast results are for the "fast food mentality” of men out there... REAL results take more than a few days and not longer than a few months if you apply yourself to really learn about attraction and how it works.

She Will be Begging YOU for Sex

Sorry the real hard cold truth is this... that there is no dating advice for men that will get a woman to defy her basic NATURE... a woman decides if she will or not and she wants YOU to initiate... that is one of the ways she figures out if you are a man with “balls” or not and be careful when you hear something you WISH were true and  probably know it is not... the marketing boys are preying on your fantasies... the only women that will beg you for sexing are the women you are ALREADY sleeping with... because you are a great lover or the ones you pay a considerable wedge of money too and it is part of the deal! 

Works "Hypnotically"

Since the beginning of time or at least as far back as I can remember... men have always wanted a "magic bullet" for attracting women... of all the dating advice for men I have seen out there... NONE of it works like a “magic spell” or “hypnosis” and be really honest with yourself... do you really want to resort to sleazy mind control tricks to get a woman?

This is the fantasy stuff that bad porn movies use to appeal to your dreams...  a Masculine Man integrity is foremost and you never have to sacrifice it to attract women... in fact it is one of your greatest assets... your Masculine Integrity!

You Will Never Have to Approach Women Again

The hard truth is that the majority of woman will NOT just approach you as much as you might wish it... yes there are exceptions of a cool woman who will hit on you... because she wants too and the other reality is that the only women who approach men... will also want you to open up your wallet for the benefit of the experience... so just  do not go there.

Here is a quick bite of Social Courting Advice I give to all my male clients... it is not hard to approach women you just have to learn HOW to!

The Author Is A Centrefold Or Model Quality Woman

I have seen a bunch of sites that plaster their page with airbrushed models in bikinis or skimpy underwear in the hopes to get you salivating or more... for the thought of doing the nasty to her... now before you scream... 

"Hey, Ange... you have pictures of women!"

Yes I do and I do not claim to BE A WOMAN giving this kind of advice... nor do I use photoshop or airbrushed images... those are the sites that are ridiculous... I have been working in the Human Relationship field for over 20 years and I can personally count the number of gorgeous women out there giving this kind of advice on one hand.... it is ZERO... this is another visual manipulation to get you interested.

So what should you look for in mens courting advice that will cue you that it is legit the REAL deal?

The sites that tell you...

1... You can learn it and it is most  likely require you to CHANGE some or a lot of your behaviours.

All success in life is due to getting rid of bad mental habits and adopting new beneficial ones and then acting on them... obviously if you had the skills now... you would be using them... so first you must learn and not only learn... to understand how to apply what you are learning!

2... You need to start with fixing your THINKING.

Again if you think that learning a few clever opening pickup lines or sneaky techniques is going to make the difference in your love life... remember that smart women have EXCEPTIONAL bull shit detectors... they can see through false confidence faster than a speeding train... they are able to leap tall piles of crap in a single bound for the door... you cannot fool a smart womans instincts... nor should you have to.

3... You not only need healthy masculine esteem and personal confidence to attract women... you need a concrete plan for BUILDING IT and personally developing yourself.

In all my years... the one bit of truth I found was that women absolutely NEED solid confidence from men and the one thing that almost NONE of those dating sites out there can show you is HOW to build it and and show healthy masculine esteem and personal confidence so you are not just attractive to women you have a solid foundation to create your own life!

At some point you have probably figured out that women do not want men that just chase women... they want men who have a PASSION... AMBITION... a PURPOSE... a MISSION and DRIVE in their world... this has been and probably always will be the most universal ingredient for attraction from women.

To summarize... 

Just remember that advice for men that works is the stuff that goes way beyond pick up and that explains how to build a solid masculine attitude and knowledge from the INSIDE out... not the other way around... the coolest new threads will not do you ANY good if she can smell your insecurities or your hesitancy.

When you are working with a dating coach or relationship consultant and you are not changing and transforming and relying on tricks... dump them... find the dating coach or relationship consultant to work with and find yourself changing... find yourself transforming... find yourself in a whole new world... where you do not have to chase women or seek the approval of women... you attract women! 

Are the REAL DEAL because they are helping you GROW as a MAN and create a great life for yourself which women want to be a part off and other men seek to emulate you.

So first... conquer the Inner Game of attraction and desire with women by creating a great life for yourself that women are attracted too... because it is your Masculinity that attracts them.

Social Courting Tip

Lean back when talking to women.

Always lean back when talking with women... watch in restaurants as insecure guys lean forward... even worse with their head on their hands talking to the woman.

While the women leans back with this confident look... kind of aloof and looking around... the man is leaning in trying to get some eye contact to confirm he is doing okay... behaving like an attention seeking puppy dog.

Authoritative men lean back... relaxed... confident... powerful... having that vibe off... 

"I am keeping my power for myself... I am the prize to be won... I do not need your approval." 

And the woman is leaning forward... because she is engaged... she is enjoying it... she wants more of that powerful masculine energy!

And if you are in the company of a powerful woman and behave like a puppy dog... she will be polite and then say goodbye.

Lean back more often so you are not physically saying... 

"I need you to approve of me."

You learn forward when your intention is clear and say... 

“I am going to take you!”

Have you any thoughts or comments you would like to share with me on what I have written?

I would love to hear from you.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

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