Social Courting "9 Ways To Approach A Woman" 

By Ange Fonce

Here are 9 ways every man should know and be aware of when approaching a woman... when Social Courting.

1... Do not linger and stare.

Women are always aware of the "lurkers"... they can see you and feel you... the longer you stare the lower your chances are of having a successful approach. 

2... Do not be afraid of rejection. 

What is rejection really when approaching a woman? 

It is a woman who you have never met before and know nothing about telling you she may not be into you based on two seconds of conversation. 

The less afraid you are of rejection... the more attention you will get from women.

3... Always go after what you want. 

I always say the only way to get what you want is by asking for it. 

If you never take a risk and go after the things you want... you will never get anything EXCEPT a big case of depression. 

Any woman that you are interested in approaching... find out more about... and then decide if she is really what you want.

4... 25%... 75%  Rule

As the man you should be talking 25% and guiding the conversation... not dominating it. 

The more a woman is talking the better... because in "listening" you get to "know" a lot more about HER!

5... Know what you want to say. 

I KNOW many women hate it when men come up to them and expect her to start and carry the conversation. 

If you cannot think of anything to say there is nothing wrong with using an opener. 

Not a cheesy one... and something that you have used before that worked for you. 

If you use an opinion opener, make sure that you are actually interested in the question you have asked. 

Another secret to conversation is using observation to get a conversation started. 

By observing something and commenting on it... you can show interest and start a good conversation. 

6... Pay attention to her body language. 

To avoid wasting your time... energy and money take notice of a woman's body language. 

This will tell you what she is really saying. 

She is not interested or engaged if... 

A) She is not making eye contact. 

B) She nods her head to answer your questions? 

C) She gives one word answers. 

D) Her body is turned away from you. 

E) she is looking over your shoulder for someone to save her. 

7... You can leave at any time. 

Remember that reason you are approaching a woman is because you want to see if you she is interesting and worth your time. 

If this is not the case you have full power and permission to excuse yourself and leave.

8... Everyone has approach excitement. 

Yes... re frame approach anxiety to approach excitement... it changes your mind set and body physiology.

Approaching a complete stranger is a nerve racking task for everyone. 

And the more that you do approach people the more exciting and natural it becomes. 

9... Approach every woman

Practice... practice... and more practice... till it becomes completely natural to you and women are no longer "scary."

Remember... a man who understands women will win the attention of any woman he wants. 

Become that man today!

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!
Yours Sincerely

Ange Fonce

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