So You Want To Be Rich? 

Part 3...  Pay Homage To Poverty First

By Ange Fonce

Continuing on from last weeks article with our series on How to Get Rich.

I pointed out that often a person gets rich and finds he or she is no longer doing what they like doing... as an example... I mentioned a chef who likes cooking... his restaurant is packed every night. 

So... he opens a chain of restaurants... now... he is really making money... yet he is no longer cooking... in other cases... he simply retires… or sells out. 

Now... it is even worse... he has nothing to do!

In my own case... I have continued working.... yet my own avocations have suffered... as an amateur builder... what has given me lots of pleasure was scavenging for building materials and creating nice living spaces with very little money... I do it because I like it... and also because I had little choice at the time... I had to "make do" with what I could find... I have become an "expert" over the years of building a "comfortable" and well furnished homes... out of others peoples "junk"... and it still amazes me to this day... what people throw out as "rubbish"... we really have become a culture of "throw away!" 

Now... I do not have to “make do” so much these days... so it is hard to justify poking into skips or picking up discarded furniture on the footpath... yet I still do a lot of the work myself … even when I know I can hire a professional who could do it better.

I still build things… and none of the fun has gone out of it. 

A few years ago for example... I decided to renovate a gypsy caravan... they are delightful and fanciful antique versions of todays Camper vans... built of wood... which you can decorate them as elaborately as you want... they are fun to look at and they can be very charming and comfortable inside... depending on how much work you put into them. 

You use one in your garden as an ornament… or put it to work as an office or a guest bedroom. 

I found an abandoned one to use as the foundation to build a new one from... yet before I started work the question inevitably came up... could I not just buy one? 

Yet buying one would have deprived me of the pleasure of building and renovating it myself. 

So... I went ahead and did it myself... and I got one of my sons to help... and we were glad we did. 

Still... without need driving me onward... I felt a little frivolous... before such a thing would have been a necessity... now it was just a hobby.

Money frees you from the need to do anything... yet when you ditch Mother Necessity you become an orphan.... you are alone in the world... with no one to tell you get up in the morning... stand up straight and polish your shoes... pretty soon... you can look like a homeless person.

I know... because I have been one...a homeless person! 

When you have no one to answer to... just yourself... pretty soon... you as your boss can become a right moron. 

Then... you can slip into the existential abyss... with nothing you have to do... no matter what you do... it can feel as though you have done nothing worth doing. 

Life itself can see pointless... empty and “meaningless”... even with millions in the bank account.

You have lost your “purpose”... you no longer have a “mission” in life!

Then what? 

You can make a life out of being wealthy... you can hang out with other rich people… buy a big house… give money to the arts and charities… throw parties... do "drugs" and eventually blow your brains out.

Because where is the necessity and drive to be DYNAMIC in life? 

Do you know that the “rich” have a suicide rate that matches the “poor.”

Because there is a a certain "truth" here...

Money cannot buy you HAPPINESS!

To be continued.... “Where you do it.”

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!
Yours Sincerely

Ange is an  Author... Speaker... and International Peak Performance Personal Development Consultant... and Psycho Dynamic Counsellor who works with men... and women who desire to "personally develop" themselves and their "relationships" to become Dynamic Lifers from around the World!

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