So You Want To Be Rich? Learn To Love Being Poor First! 

Part 1... Stories From The Past.

By Ange Fonce

You may think I am joking... I am not. 

The point is you cannot be afraid of poverty... when you want to build the life you want to live. 


Because if you are going to grow “wealth” you are going to have to take risks... you may start a business, for example... deciding to be in a relationship... any form of “investment” involves risk.

Typically, you make money by going "all in" on an investment or a business... entering into a relationship... is an “all in” affair. 

It can be very much similar to a military campaign. 

When you go on the attack... you concentrate your forces... your time... your assets and resources on a narrow front, where you have an advantage over your opponent. 

Making money and building wealth is competitive too... and you give yourself an edge by concentrating your attentions on a smallish area where you might make a breakthrough. 

Later on, to protect what you have earned... you will take the opposite approach... you will disperse and diversify your assets... we will talk about that later... right now, we are talking about making money and building wealth... not protecting it.

The risk in concentrating the attack on a limited front is that it might not work out... you might lose the battle. 

Then what? 

Then... you are in one BIG mess. 

Financially and materially... if your concentrated efforts do not work out, you could find yourself very, very poor... you might work for years on a business start up, for example, only to have it go broke. 

Or, might put all your money into an investment that you are sure will pay off... eventually... and then, it never does! 

You invest yourself in a relationship and it does not work out... anyone who has been through a divorce knows it can be a very bitter and messy business and you end up with your life bent out of shape and in a bad place.

To build any form of "wealth"... involves RISK.

If that is a risk you cannot take... you are not likely to get rich... build wealth... build a “successful” relationship. 

You are better off sticking with the tried and tested old “hamster wheel”...  a job... a  career... an income. 

Get an education... say the right things... not to stand out in any way... be a parent... a  citizen... a person.... sleep walk through life… and then DIE.

Getting rich... building wealth... building a great relationship... acquiring success requires a more original and "dynamic approach"... you have to take risks... and you cannot be afraid of how it might turn out.

Being "poor" is part of the deal of "success."

I was fortunate... yes you heard me right.. I did not have any money when I was young... and I found that I enjoyed poverty... I grew up on a farm... with no running “hot water”... no electricity... an outside toilet and bath night was in a tin tub... and I wore “hand me downs”...  to get anything “new” was a real BIG deal... I had to walk a round trip journey of 6 miles every school day... it was a hard life and yet I had a freedom and lifestyle that was second to none. 

I mean how many kids can say they had their own pet Donkey and a whole farm with animals and countryside to play in?

And yes... I rode "bare back"... my family could not afford a saddle. 

Rich men and women now pay BIG money to experience what was "every day" life for me... crazy... huh?

In fact... when I finally came into some money later in life... I almost regretted it... some of my biggest pleasures and greatest sources of satisfaction were lost to me… as I will explain later.

First though... let us talk about poverty itself. 

What is really so bad about it? 

It is certainly true that the “best things in life are free”... to a point. 

There are three things in life that really matter... 

What you do. 

Where you do it. 

And whom you do it with. 

Money... those bits of metal and paper... plus the drastic plastic... is involved in these things... and not necessarily in the way you think.

When you are rich you can do a lot of things that look like fun.... yet from my professional experience of working with rich people and the experience of the other rich people I know… these things are often not so much fun after all.

One of my former clients...  who made a fortune in selling second hand cars.... figured out how to sell them... he was a natural salesman... then when he had perfected his business model... he took it on the road and he created dealerships all over the country. 

Then... still in his 50s, he sold out... he had a fortune....then what to do?

He took up travelling around the world.... he told me... 

“I went on trips all over the world. Mongolia. Africa. South America... Europe... Africa... Russia... I went places where tourists never go. And you know what... it was all Bull Shit.... I was trying to fill the time... trying to pretend that it is important. It was exciting and fun for a while, and I got sick of it. I wanted to get back into the car business. That is what I really liked doing. That is where the real adventure is for me.... that was the “buzz” I loved... selling cars!” 

Why was he working with me?

He had gone through 4 marriages and he really wanted to know and learn how to “relate” to woman so he could have and enjoy a “successful” relationship.

He was a multi millionaire and he had not yet found the LOVE he wanted to share with a woman... he knew how to make pots of money... he had yet to figure out how to make and share LOVE!

He knew how to sell cars to women... he did not know how to build a successful relationship with a woman.

Building a fortune is more fun than having one... because there is something far more important...

Building the WEALTH of a life you LOVE living... a DYNAMIC ONE!

More to come… Part 2 next week.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!
Yours Sincerely

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