So How Does One "Create?" 

By Ange Fonce

"In every work of genius, we see our own rejected thoughts." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Now... "how" does one "create?"

How does one become “creative?” 

How does one evolve "new ideas? “

How does one “solve problems” that seem intractable and appear that they cannot be "solved" and you have worked on a for weeks and thrown your hands up in despair and frustration? 

Well that again is quite simple... we will take a few minutes on this because it is really so “valuable” and it is has so much do with your “thinking  habits” that can become cultivated in your “brain” and that become rather “automatic” and give you a “statistical proportion” of hits... that means a lack of “new ideas”... in this case... you have become “conditioned” to a certain way of “thinking” that has become an “automatic habit”... which can only "produce" a narrow set of "ideas."

Your “conscious mind” is actually your “focus” of “attention”... the “conscious mind” is absorbed with what you are paying “attention” to in the “immediate moment”... I am “focusing” my “attention” to all of you when I am writing at this particular moment... and you are “focusing” your “attention” in reading what I have written. 

Your “conscious mind” can only hold about 7 memory bytes... that is pretty small... so you have to “focus”... your “conscious mind” is where you “focus” your “attention”... it is very narrow... in its “focus.” 

It is wonderful and fantastic for working out syllogisms... consequences... recording fine detail... observing... etc... it will not “create” for you.

Now let us deal with "creation" first and  what is "creation?" 

Creation... really is a lousy word... it is a lousy word that confuses what you really do to perform a simple little procedure. 

Creation means to create something out of nothing... yet it “reality” we do not really do that.

Let us use an example...

Who better than God... the invisible friend... 

In the beginning... God created Heaven and Earth... so some people like to “imagine”...  okay... let us go with that metaphor... and say only God can do that...  we cannot do that... we are “human.” 

So let us throw God and “creation” out... and talk about “creating” in the “focus” of  “connectivity.” 

What you are “focusing” on is to “connect” things together... you are to practice “connectivity”... instead of “creation”... using the “creative process”...  you “focus” on making two “ideas” that were separate in your “mind” or “culture” before... and you are now “focusing” on “connecting” them together so they are now one “new idea”... you want something “new” to come out... and “new” does not mean it never existed before... it means it was never “joined” before... or “practiced” in that way before... or never viewed from that “perspective” before. 

New... in every form of discipline... "creating" means “never joined” before... and when you look back through history and even in the present day world... “new” is often “created” out of existing “ideas”... existing ways of “doing things”... the existing “practice”... or the existing “perspective.” 

There is no actual “creation”... what there is... is to “create” a “transformational process” of what is already there! 

You have got to trick that “conscious mind” because the “conscious mind” is not big enough to hold and “connect” all these “separate pieces”... so what you do is you take your “conscious mind” and you “focus" it on making a new cup of coffee! 

That holds it there... and then “ideas” can bleed into your “conscious mind” and be noticed in the “focus” of your “conscious mind.”

Where do these “ideas” come from... the “mainframe” of your “mind”... the “subconscious.”

Now let me use one of the best examples of this "process" here...

Mozart and his music... 

Mozart... a most “creative” man... was writing symphonies at six... seven... eight. 

I do not know whether you saw the movie Amadeus... it shows very “truthfully” and very well... the “process” of  “how” he wrote music... he never ever rewrote his musical scores... he never changed the notes... he wrote his scores directly in pen and ink... he never changed anything in the music he created... they were always right and the highlight of his genius of course... yet that does not mean a thing.

How did he do it? 

Well he did it very simply... he composed at a billiard table... he would stand at the billiard table... and he would have a single white billiard ball... he would have a pen and an inkwell... and he would have the musical score ready. 

Then he would take the white billiard ball in his left hand while he had the pen in the right hand and he would throw the white billiard ball out against the three cushions... and it would bounce off the three cushions. 

It is random... in “how” the ball comes back to a certain extent... it never comes back to exactly the same place... so he had to “focus” on the “trajectory” of the billiard ball until it came back... when the ball came back here or here or here... he had to “focus” with his "conscious mind" on his “left hand” being at the exact right place where the billiard ball stopped.

Meanwhile... while his “conscious mind” was “focused” on the “exact” place of the billiard ball... his “subconscious mind” slipped the note to him... the “distance” traveled by the billiard ball...  and then he had the note. 

Every “note” was a “billiard ball traveling”... every note was a “distraction” of the "conscious mind"... every note was an “addition” of the "subconscious mind."

In effect although he was not "aware" of it at the time... Mozart was using what we now call "physics" to "create" musical notes... he was "creating" with his "subconscious mind." 

You have got to break out of that “conscious habit” of “narrow thinking”... using only a tiny amount of your “brains thinking power”... to be able to access the “main frame” of your “brains thinking power”... in  the “subconscious mind” to be “creative”... which means to “connect subconsciously” things that have not been “consciously connected” before.

My “creative process” is to go out walking when I am dealing with a "problem" or working on a "project" that is not going well... and when I am out walking... I always carry a notebook and pen... and as I am walking and observing all that is going on around me with my “conscious mind”... my “subconscious mind” gets to work and starts “thinking” and “thoughts” start rolling... and when something starts really buzzing in my “conscious mind”... out comes the pen and notebook and I start scribbling everything down... I have to get it “written down” before it slips away... that is when my “conscious mind” is useful... recording and getting it down of paper... what my “subconscious mind” is "producing" in detail... I do not let my “conscious mind” interfere in the “creative process”... it just records.

I have found many “solutions” to “problems” that way... or come up with a “new idea” by connecting existing “thoughts” together.

Okay... those are the “fundamentals”  of the process.

Let us go over them again...

The first... most dominant... absolutely incontrovertible and indispensable fundamental is that you work more “effectively” than anybody else... therefore you build more “wealth” than anyone else. 

A one to one “connection”... Red Blake a great sports coach... said the will to “win” depends on the “will” to prepare... you got to prepare... prepare... and then prepare more... you have to go over it and over it again... and on the sixth reading you will “see” the great stuff.

Second... is the ability to do “focused work”... if you do not do “focused work” you cannot  "produce" and be “effectively productive” in building “wealth”... and you get to do “focused work” simply by using “techniques” for “thinking creatively.”

What are some of those techniques?

Number one... for one hour a day... read. 

Read everything in the world except your main “focus”... which could be your business... goal or project... read other things...  read so that anything that “interests” you and will stick in your “memory”... this is the "raw material" for "creating"... so just read... like I read Cosmopolitan... Vanity Fair... GQ... Esquire... Newspapers... amougnst other things... all the very low stuff... which is not related to my “main focus” at all...  “low culture” is where the biggest audience is... that is the main language... there are the words that are most commonly used.

You maybe a genius... yet what good is your genius if you cannot "effectively communicate" with the majority of people... in the "language" they use?

Remember... when somebody does a picture... about a kid who gets lost over Christmas... and is very popular... a lot of people have liked that! 

If you have to... go to that well not once... or twice... go as many times as it takes before you "get it!" 

And you have to ask yourself... 

“What makes such things reach these people?"

Listen... Prepare... Work Focused On SEEING The Connections... 

See what comes out... and if it is not right... go back and apply the whole process again... there is of course... more “genius” to it. 

My favourite idea in all of this... “creativity” is not actually about “creation”... is that “creativity” is more about becoming “aware” of the “connections”... it is about “connecting”... that has always been my “experience”... and that is why I am very good at becoming "aware" of the “connections” in “separate systems”... and “creating” something “new” out of what is already existing.

Now consider this...  if you cannot “connect” up the “systems” in your own “brain”...  how will you be able to fully use you own “mind”  to be “focused” and “aware” in the “creative process.”

And wasting you "time" just sitting in front of a TV is not “creative” in any way... it just "mongs" you out... "zombifies" you and "hypnotizes" your “mind” to sleep. 

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

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