Sex... Spirituality... Science The Masculine Feminine Polarity 

By Ange Fonce

Now I must warn you... that in this article I have gone all brainy about a subject the preoccupies the minds of the vast majority of humans most of the time... SEX!

So what is Sex?

What does Sex mean to you... do you know?

Most certainly Sex is the biological means by which humans reproduce themselves... it is natural and the means Nature has used for billions of years for reproduction... yet why has sex become such a big deal for humans... that is a million dollar question? 

And for the more aware minded person who experiences life not at the surface of events... this simple question can be vexing when moved beyond the natural realms of the biological... which really is the easiest part of sex and far more complex and full of complexities in the psychological part of being Human.

Sex has caused wars among nations... it has ruined the lives of men and women trapped in the lies it makes... it has broken otherwise sweet marriages and ruined promising and great corporate organisations in which the knees of chief executive weaken and buckle before lack lustre women in whose briefs their brains appear tucked. 

So lets first ask the question...

What does not sex do?

I have the privilege of having lunch with a group of Big Boys recently when this evergreen question erupted again... if you heard them talk about the Big V.D. and you were uninitiated you would think researchers had discovered a super venereal disease or something like that... NO. 

The big V.D. is simply... Vaginal Dryness from which many women suffer today making them uncompetitive in the gudgeoning sex market... while I am more interested meanwhile in these other serious questions raised by these big boys.... as many of them were married and gave marriage boundaries scant respect... the question of ADULTERY naturally arose... is adultery committed when a man goes after the wife of another man and vice versa... is it not possible for a man and a wife validly married in church or by the statue to commit adultery with each other? 

And I will be touching on these questions further on in this article... so lets first ask the question... what is sex anyway?

For me... sex is a natural requirement like food... air... water and exercise of a healthy human body... sex is nature... sex is natural... sex is biological... sex is also psychological... there is nothing super natural or metaphysical about sex!

With this notion... I have always countered a cousin who at family meetings to resolve sex questions with her husband... always asked me if sex was food. 

To which I would reply... 

"Yes it is food for your body and psychological well being."

However a frigid woman like her locked into her religious beliefs has a hard time "understanding" this... hence I am aware of her husbands numerous affairs.

Remember that for sex to be rated like food or water that are natural requirement of the human body... that demanding body and mind must be HEALTHY... unfortunately the bodies and minds of many men and women are anything other than healthy. 

Their nerves are overwrought or overcharged and merely seeking for an external agent to calm them... a man who has heard so much sex talk during the day... seen so many semi nude women as an accompaniment and whose sex instinct has been sharpened several folds by red meat is so worked up that he hardly cares how he dissipates excess energy. 

Women too have problems around sex... as girls they dared not speak any how to men from fear of being called dirty... slaps on the face and being viewed as a slut...  todays woman is bombarded with sexual imagery and being over sexualised and divorced like men from their natural sexual essence

And where is the concept of Love these days?

There are many serious minded men and women who are not happy in their marriages and are seeking happiness outside the  marriage frontier... in marriage or common law relationships there is abundant opportunity to love the other person... when in or out of marriage play given the sexual instincts procreates still more opportunities abound to love ... in the love of each partner and in your children... this love grows through four basic parental responsibilities....

Physical protection of the infant and child

Education of the intellect to afford skills for a living as an adult.

Mind development 

Emotional development

Yet since marriage like procreation is not the prime purpose of earthly existence...we must wonder why the sexual instinct is afforded the man or woman who is not interested in either family or marriage.

The single Man and Woman.

This will lead us to the separation of the essence of humans into the sexual genders of male and female that Nature evolved!

Now before I get into some Scientific principles there is some Spiritual issues to be looked at as such contemplation must conflict with the Creation stories of many religions. 

I will use the Christian belief systems as an example...

Adam and Eve were the two first humans according to Christian beliefs and they gave rise to Cain and Abel which must have involved sex and Cain the man killed Abel the only woman outside of Eve... where did Cain find a another woman to populate the world... Eve his Mother?

Religious scholars have tried to fill the gap that Adam and Eve had other children some of them daughters... the gap filling will suggest that Cain committed incest which religion says is a sin... whoops we seemed to have backed ourselves into a right corner here... some scholars have tried to say incest was not a sin in the days of Adam and Eve. 

Such arguments tend to forget other Christian beliefs that the Creator and His Will were perfect from the beginning of time... that perfection from a beginning implies no possibility of changes through eternity... otherwise that which improves was not perfect. 

There you have a contradiction in the beliefs... if everything was perfect then why did God need to create man... the imperfection in Paradise?

I can use many examples from other religions too... yet I am sticking with the Christian theme for this article... so if the gap filling cannot explain how Cain came by a wife... what about another poser for us from his murder of Abel? 

Afraid for his own life he was reported to have asked that God place a mark on his forehead so people in the next town would not kill him! 

 Town... how did the town come about?

Other Humans... where did they spring from?

Did God have a side bet running... plan B?

For the alert living mind... they suggest to me for example... that we take too literally events rendered to us in picture language because the mind absorbs more in pictures... is that not why children begin their education pictorially? 
The story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden is therefore a pictorial rendering of great events...  the Garden is Paradise the Spiritual World not anywhere on this earth... when at Creation the human spirit germs trooped out of Paradise to be sown in material soil for their development far... far... far below Paradise like seeds of corn immersed in earthly soil to arise someday flowering and fruiting and return home... they had to choose fields of activities in which eternally they would function as privileged up builders of Creation.

And that is why in spiritual terms people are admonished that sex takes place between two complementary souls who have attained spiritual harmony and are yearning to unite in marriage... in which case sexual intercourse is merely a physical crowning of a spiritual or inward process. 

I have seen this expressed as an upright pole crossed by a vertical one even on the ceremonial garments of different religious leaders... for humans in our beliefs the positive stands for the  masculine... the negative for the feminine... these forces must work together for creation... harmony... beauty and progress to occur.

It is not surprising then in such societies in where human gender roles are enforced and split apart by artificial boundaries of religious beliefs and were women are suppressed or abused... tend to be backward and repressive ones... which depletes the fullness of each other as men and women... by enforced religious and spiritual rules which goes against the very Laws of Natural Creation and may I point out... against Gods will... so putting the natural balance out of polarity in favour of the male.

So if you are a believer that God is the creator then those very same unbalanced beliefs go against God and creation! 

Now how do you reconcile this imbalance and hypocrisy as a believer... is it by stories written in old books?

As in Nature... so in Science there are two complementary forces that are evident… POSITIVE and NEGATIVE... yet in Science the negative is not derogatory... nor bad... nor wrong... it is a storehouse of power just like the positive... hence the creation of the concept of the MASCULINE and FEMININE POLARITY!

There is growing evolutionary evidence that the woman is the stronger of the genders... the deciding factor is that the female is the more evolved of the species and the male implements her will... hence the saying often heard in Psychology...

“The hand which rocks the cradle rules the world!” 

 The Scientific Way

The learning of the "How!"

In electrolysis... positive and negative poles attract and seek the other for fuller value of existence of its own existence while similar poles repel. 

This in a way explains why like food... air or exercise that sex is a natural requirement of the healthy human body and mind... sex in this regard offers the possibility for an exchange of Masculine and Feminine RADIATIONS of Sexual Energy. 

Everything emits raps of energy or radiates energy and so do we as humans... the feminine radiations you discarded long ago to become a man you obtain from a woman during the sexual act... the same applies to women in discarding their masculine radiations to become a woman... they obtain this energy from men during the sexual act... yet can one absorb the wrong radiations from the wrong sexual party... say for an example same sex couples... no... because when you observe the polarities between same sex couples... the masculine... feminine polarity is still in play... one member of the same sex couple will be more masculine and the other more feminine... the positive... negative polarity is still there.

In this matter the Law of Attraction of Homogeneous Species is indispensable and yet it possess a contradiction... if as God laws state...

Like attracts like.

Then why is Homosexuality considered sinful and unnatural? 

So can Sex be healthy or unhealthy in its positive... negative polarities?

Let me share a story with you here of a ongoing case I am working with...

A retired director in a public service told me sometime last year that he resumed sexual relationships with an old girlfriend he had not seen for over 10 years and they got married... yet after a while she become sickly. 

He thought their flat was haunted and moved houses... yet his wife condition continued to worsen... he would send her to his mothers who owned a lovely house in the countryside and she would radiate vibrant health only to break down again within a few weeks of rejoining him... I am working with them both and so far have not identified any real problems with their relationship and it is a puzzling conundrum as to how her physical health is so adversely affected.

Now comes some witch doctoring Psychological Sexology... I constantly read the latest cutting edge science and there was one particular paper I read on research into the bodies “electro magnetic field” and how we as humans radiate such energy and I asked myself this question...

Was it possible that his Masculine radiations were overwhelming her Feminine energies

Such a health situation may be likened to a healthy computer picking up virus from a virus ridden flash drive... the Exchange of Radiations during the sexual act may have far more implications than we can imagine at a physical and psychological level.

I am still working with this couple who do share a happy relationship in many ways and there share love for each other... yet there is an imbalance here between the Masculine and Feminine polarity which as yet I have not been able to identify and what has been helpful and yet very unscientific... is my knowledge and understanding of Tantra!

So watch this space... there will be an article when we have worked it out!

So can SEX pollute as it can build and heal? 

I know women are right in a way when they say sex is blood covenant with them... how many Blood Covenants will a man or woman of today enter into? 

If only our mental eyes will open and move beyond limiting and conditioned beliefs we would see how many thought forms... phantoms and demons we drag along with the threads we have spun and which hang on us as their authors around sex

The Script of our Stories... the limitations of our beliefs that keep us locked away from the core Energy of our natural Masculine or Feminine Essence!

Thus sex can be punitive or destructive when it is not experienced in the sense in which Nature offers it through the sexual instinct... it does not matter if all the priests in the world attended a wedding or officiated there... once the spiritual foundation on which the marriage is instituted no longer prevails... that is where spiritual harmony no longer subsists and the parties have become spiritual strangers... sexual relationships between them become illicit... spiritually speaking. 

Conversely and contentiously extraneous parties  in the form of affairs may offer a platform for psychological... emotional and physical harmony... in which case for purposes of decency... it is advisable to round up a failed marriage before boarding another... yet just how many people have the nerves to jump out of a sinking ship? 

To take Responsibility and be Truthful with themselves in both a Sexual... Emotional and Psychological perspective?

To be Truthful as either a Man or Woman and bear no shame or to be shamed as to your SEXUALITY!

That dear reader is a conversation for another time and one I will let you think about... what sex and sexing means for you?

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

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