If you have not announced or set a date... a deadline for your goals and projects... then you are not seen as being really serious.

It is a classic case of "self-deception" and "procrastination."

You are not being REAL with yourself or being REAL with those who are trusting in you to deliver.

Pick a date... it can be in the future... too far... and others will all know that you are merely stalling... a real date... a date you can live with and a date you can deliver on.

If your goal or project cannot pass this incredibly simple test... it is not a goal... it is not project... you are merely BULLSHITTING!

Deliver whatever it is you say you are working on on the date you said you would... regardless of what external factors interfere. 

Deliver it... even if you do not think it is your best... you picked the date... keep to your word.

There are many benefits to keeping "your word" and delivering on what you said you would do.

Three of those "benefits" are that you are TRUSTABLE... AUTHENTIC... and HONORABLE!

And as an "honerable" man or woman... this is a SUCCESS-making habit... once you set a date... never miss a date.

You will be seen as man or woman of high VALUE... trusted!

And not seen as a man or woman who is an "excuse maker"... a "flaker"... and an untrustable "bullshiter."

May You Enjoy A Prosperous And Productive Day.

Yours Sincerely

Ange Fonce