Seduction Teasing and Building Sexing Anticipation 

The Mistakes Men Make With Women

By Ange Fonce

Please Be Aware This Article Contains Content of An Intimate Nature

I would like to share with you some common themes to help you enjoy “powerful sexual experiences” as a Man with a Woman.

Now... I would like you to take a few minutes “imagining” and “thinking” back to a few of the most “intense... deep” and “pleasurable sexing” that you have “enjoyed” in the past.

This could have been with your current partner... a past lover or even a self pleasuring experience... it could even be your first “sexing experience.”

Relive the experience in your “mind” and then ask yourself... 

“What do you “think” and “feel” made this encounter so “exciting” for you?

Jack Morin... a sexual psychologist has done a study of these peak “sexing experiences” to see what common themes run across these “passionate encounters.”

Jacks study came up with 4 main themes of “eroticism”... and  I would like to share with you about one of those themes in this article. 

He calls this first theme... 

Longing And Anticipation...

Jack found that 39% of the study peak encounters contain references to “desiring” an absent or unavailable partner or “anticipating” the actual encounter itself... more women than men found this theme a turn on.

Most of us “experience” that after a period of time away from our “lover”... the “sexing” when we return is usually much more powerful with our partner... “longing” is more of a long term turn on while “anticipation” is generally more short term.

Sexual “teasing” is really working on bringing “anticipation” into “sexing”... one of the great “seduction skills” is for a man to find ways to “increase anticipation” rather than “reduce anticipation”... there is not much “anticipation” in the “vanilla” 5 minute “foreplay routine”... that most men practice.

Reproduced with permission from one of my former clients.....

"My husband has a tendency to go directly for what he wants even if its me. Im glad he still wants me after all these years but I wish he would take his time. For some reason, one morning he decided to do just that. Without a word he began stroking my back and them my butt and legs, I was in heaven and really getting juicy. He did things like run his fingers up my thighs, gently brushing against my public hairs, which raised goose bumps across my body. When he turned me over, he touched my nipples so lightly with his tongue that I was practically screaming for more, but he would only do it for a moment and them move on. I have no idea what got into him that night, but he teased me into one of the most intense orgasms of my life."

Sexual Experts and women themselves tend to explain “why” most women want “extended foreplay”... is so they can “heat up” and “desire sexing”... yet many of these explanations do not show that it is more “emotionally” and “psychologically” complex for a woman...  a slow and “sensual” buildup of “sexual arousal” really builds up “anticipation” for “sexing” with most women.

Have you ever heard of the saying that “sexing” starts 12 hours before the actually “physical sexing”... giving your woman “hugs” and “caressing” her during the day... “sexing” text messages... etc... all build up the “anticipation” of  the “physical sexing.”

Which you can call... 

The Art of Seduction...

Everyone has different “turn ons” and it is important to let your “lover” know what works for you... and as a Man... it is “essential” to really “find out” what turns your “lover on”... maybe your “lover” really “loves" being in nature when “sexing” or being naughty or kinky.

Having a frank discussion about your past “peak experiences” is one way to “communicate” what works for you... and what really turns you on could be called your “erotic map”... most couples never discuss these “deeper areas” of their “erotic map.”

Sometimes... couples have different “erotic maps”... so “communication” is an essential step for “passionate sexing”... one of my past lovers just loved “sexing” in nature... to me... this was a cool turn on... as I love being “adventurous” myself... and that she was “adventurous” herself and she just adored  “sexing” in nature... who was I to argue... game on... smiles!

Women “fantasize” about “hot sexing” just as much as men do... and it would be a LOT of fun to sit and read their “minds” while they were doing it... and I want to share with you about what specifically women dream about in their "ultimate man" fantasy.

For a woman... the dream is to be in the arms of a man who knows EXACTLY what he is doing... a man who has the “sexing skill... confidence” and the “sexing ability” to make her “feel” that great mix of THRILLED... yet... SAFE at the same time... and unfortunately for those women... just like most of your favourite “sexing fantasies”... their fantasy hardly ever happens in “reality”...  the vast majority of women NEVER have the “experience” of being "sexed" with the kind of man they dream of.

And that is actually kind of weird...

Because the crazy thing is - most men WANT to BE that MAN...  most men want to please the woman in their life “sexing” her in every way possible...  and most times they just do not really know “how”... and here is something else... most men do not even realize that a man can LEARN these skills to completely blow a womans “mind” in "sexing" her... and make her “fantasies” into “reality”... in fact... the most “effective techniques” that I have discovered myself and learned from other masterful lovers are actually incredibly easy... yet virtually no men are doing them.

So few men bother to actually “invest” the “time” to even TRY to learn... and those that do usually go to the WRONG sources... and they cannot understand why the "technique" they learned in a magazine article is not doing the trick to get their wife or girlfriend to have the kind of “explosive orgasms” that they have heard about... and it is like anything else you have ever done in your life... if you get the wrong advice or information when you start out... then it never turns out right... we have all experienced this in some area of our lives and it is FRUSTRATING as hell.

Are you wanting to learn EVERYTHING you need... from “seduction” to  “erotic foreplay” and “understanding” of  “how” to make her experience more “powerful sexing pleasure” than either you or SHE ever thought was possible...  then please do Contact Me.                                                                                                                                       
And even if you are a single man... what you will learn will put you miles ahead of other men when you get to "sexing" that "special woman" in your life... because She will be WOWED in ways like no other man has ever been able to WOW her.

And just to put "sexing" aside for a moment. 

Is not being a GREAT MAN just that! 

Being a Great Man in everything YOU do... in all areas of YOUR Life?

Sexing and women are not "bolt ons" in YOUR Life... when you are a Man who is fully “confident” in his Masculine energy and pursuing YOUR mission in Life... women and “sexing" is part of YOUR Life... and that makes YOU very attractive to a woman... and “confidence” is just not about doing things you are good at... it is also about "confidence" in YOUR own “sexing" and power as a Masculine Lover!

And I can personally testify to this... women can sense a Man who is “powerful” in his own “energy” and “confident” as a “sexual man”... woman “want... desire” and even demand Masculine Men!

Let me ask you to consider this for a moment if you are a man reading this this article... 

What kind of Lover are YOU?

Are you a man who has to "buy" his way into a womans affection... the proverbial Mr Nice Guy weak in his energy?

Mr Average who gets "lucky" now and again... and when you do get a woman... well it is average!

Did you know in a recent survey carried out across Europe in which 10,000 couples participated in... an interesting response emerged to a question put to married and cohabiting couples...

QUESTION... What is the length of time you spend in penetrative sex?

Do You know what the answer is?

Have a guess...

Ready for this...

7 minutes!

Are you one of those 7 minute wonders? 

Or are you  a man who is “fully confident” in yourself... “passionate” in all you do... "know" where YOU are going and what you are doing? 

You are the “penetrative force” in your life and of women... “sexing powerfully” and you “know” about “sexing women!"

Your a giver of your Masculine Gift.... not a taker who just out to get from women... nor "wishy washy."

Who do you “think” is going to be the most "attractive lover" to "sexing" a woman... the woman who will DESIRE to be "sexed" by YOU!

The most common mistakes men make in Sexing Women... 

Most men will know more about the workings of a car then they will know about the “mind” and “sexing” of a woman!                                                                                                                                                                                   
Now with that sobering thought....I will share with you the most “common mistakes” men make in “sexing" women… and what you can to do instead to drive your woman wild "sexing" her... I cannot stress to you enough... “invest” the “time” and “energy” into becoming a “great sexing man”...  it will boost your “confidence” and it will you pay back in your life in 100 ways... and you will have very grateful women... or one grateful “amazing... enduring” and “happy” partner in your life...

Mistake 1... Thinking She is Climaxing When She Is not...

You may “think” that your lover is having “multiples”...or even ONE  powerful “orgasm” when she is not... she may make a bunch of noises and even TELL YOU it is happening... yet is she really?

Grab a Cosmopolitan sometime and look at how many articles and comments on “faking it.”  

I am not saying that YOUR WOMAN is faking it EVERY TIME... yet there may have been a few episodes of “sexing” where she was CRAVING something other than what you were doing... when this happens women just want it to be over and encourage you to finish... it does not mean you are awful at “sexing”... just that being “mind blowing” at “sexing” a woman takes some “specialized knowledge”... if you are giving your woman the Big O... and absolutely 100% sure of it... then cool... you are one of the few men who is ACTUALLY pleasing and "sexing" a woman REALLY WELL... and if you are not... it is crucial that you “learn how.”

Mistake 2... Not Giving Her a Variety of Sexual Experiences...

A lot of men who are new to “sexing”... or are used to doing it with the same woman... tend to forget that women want different KINDS of "sexing" EXPERIENCES... you might "think" that changing positions a few times and varying the speed of your thrusting IS a mixing it up. 

Well it is not... women thrive on “emotions”... sometimes they want to be taken... sometimes they want it hard... and sometimes they want it to be very “erotic”... sometimes soft and gentle... and if you are NOT talking during “sexing” and creating a strong “emotional experience” for her... she CANNOT be totally fulfilled... women want and NEED strong “emotional experiences” in “sexing.”

Let us look at an example.

Women “love” bad boys because of the “emotions” that a bad boy inspires in them... this is often the main reason “why” that when a women cheats... it is often with a “bad boy.”

Yet... you do need to create “bad boy emotions” within her in when “sexing” her sometimes... just be a bad boy yourself by giving her a “light spanking... talking dirty” and “giving it to her good”... women also “love” very “suave” and “romantic types”... just “think” of the paperback romance novels they read... this is not a myth… women REALLY lap this stuff up... and what you can do is mix up your “sexing” with some “romance” in which you are telling your woman “how” beautiful she is to you and how much you love her... do you “get it”... this thing called ROMANCE?

The issue is this... you NEED to give your lover a variety of “sexing experiences”… and YOU are capable of giving her each kind… you have to mix it up!

Mistake 3... Forgetting To Be A MAN...

Ask any 100 women off of the street and 99 of them will tell you that they want a man that TAKES CONTROL... and from my own personal and professional experience... this REALLY is a BIG one... that is right... women DO want YOU to call the shots!

As long as you are “respectful”... your woman DOES want you to take control in "sexing" her... to flip her around and switch positions without asking... and to do what YOU want!

Women are programmed to respond to “strong... authoritative... confident” men... it signifies that you are a “protector"... a "leader” and a "suitable mate"... sure it is okay to ask her if she is enjoying something… and keep it simple... save the talk about actual positions she liked for AFTER you are done... now do not get me wrong... you are not making her a slave here... rather “leading” with “authority” and “masculine strength.”

Once you start doing this you will be able to do many things with her in “sexing” that she earlier would not do... many men often “think” a woman is just uptight if she does not want to do something… when in “reality” she just needs you to be a man and guide her with “strength” and “confidence”... you will be amazed at just how “powerfully” she “responds!”

Mistake 4... Thinking Sexing Is Not That Important To Her...
If you want to know how much women LOVE "sexing"… just think about how loudly they scream being “sexed”...  you will not ever hear a man screaming like that... well not often.... smiles.

You might THINK that your drive is much higher than your womans because YOU are usually the one initiating “sexing” with her... as hard as it is to accept... recognize that if your woman does not want “sexing” it is NOT always because she does not want to.

Unfortunately...  it is probably because you just are not getting her off... fortunately this is an easy fix and in a moment we will talk about how to do it.

Mistake 5... Being Silent... Emotionless in Bed...

You may think that it is “cheesy” or “creepy” to talk “romantically” in bed... you may think its weird to talk at all in bed... and women HATE silent... mechanical “sexing.”


I will say it again... women THRIVE on “emotion.”

Dirty talk or romantic talk are EXCELLENT ways to give your woman STRONG EMOTIONS in “sexing”... and strong “emotions” lead to STRONG ORGASMS.

Never “think” that it is solely your physical parts or motions you are making that give your woman the most “pleasure”... the most POWERFUL BIG O will always be triggered by her MIND... not by her physical body... unlock her “mind”... her inner BAD Girl and SEX Kitten through “dirty talk... romantic talk” and “emotional talk” WHILE “sexing” her... and she will experience the most “intense pleasure” of her life!

Mistake 6... Trading Dinners... Flowers... To Get Sex From Her...

Many men mistakenly “think” that women are not interested in “sexing” and we already discussed how this is incorrect “thinking”... and that they have to “trade something” with her to get her to want “sexing” and “intimacy”... this is why you see so many men trying to “get there” with their woman by first taking her out to a nice dinner or buying her gifts... and I have one word to say next... WRONG!

While doing nice genuine things for your woman is awesome... it should NEVER be with the intention of GETTING SOME SEXING... when you have to trade something to get “intimacy” and “sexing” from your woman... you have to “trade”... realize that this is PROOF you are just not truly satisfying her in “sexing”... when you are “intimately” satisfying your woman you will not have to trade ANYTHING for it... and she will often spontaneously text you “sexing messages”... or begin initiating “sexing” constantly... because she WANTS IT with you...  just wait and see!

Mistake 7... Not Giving Her Enough Foreplay...

If you still think of “foreplay” as a momentary activity before “physical sexing”... well then you are “thinking” of it incorrectly... here is a hint...  women consider "foreplay" as PART of “sexing”... and NOT as a separate thing... and here is why...

While a man is not always capable of having a Big O during "foreplay" and then another Big O during the actual “physical sexing”... WOMEN CAN!

Imagine if YOU could have an "orgasm" during foreplay… AND not lose any firmness and keep having them well into “physical sexing” too... you would want to “invest” a lot of “time” in “foreplay” too... wouldn't you... am I right?

Well your woman CAN have “foreplay orgasms” AND “penetration orgasms” so she DOES want to “invest” a lot of time in “foreplay” too...  as well she should!

As a rule of thumb... “invest” at least the same amount of time on “foreplay” as “physical sexing” and if you are one of those men who are a 7 minute wonder before you squirt... you can always “invest” even more "time" in “foreplay”... you can never get her too turned on and it will only make the “sexing better”... when you are finally physically “penetrate” her... and she gets to “enjoy” a lot more “pleasure” too. 

And for Men I work with and teach... I teach them to “seduce” their women at least 12 hours before they get to the “physical sexing”... as it gets her “warmed up” so when it gets to the “physical sexing” she is hot and wanting you... and when it comes to the “physical sexing”... teach them ways to “quality sex” a woman for at least an 40 minutes and more... SEDUCTION is part of FOREPLAY and starts long before YOU get your woman to the “physical sexing” part... and when you do get to the “physical sexing”... she is “hot” and “wet”... wanting you to “sex” her... because Sexing for a Woman starts in her MIND!

Mistake 8... Not Lasting Long Enough...

This mistake is well “known” and very simple... and no list of mistakes in “sexing” would be complete without it... and while most men “know” they need to last long… they do not necessarily know HOW LONG that is! 

Well... after talking to my female friends and others about the subject... they all “think” pretty much alike…that if you can last at least 20 minutes... most women will be SUPER happy with that...  and that is okay... which would be a vast improvement over what is average for most men... 7 MINUTES!

And when you become highly skilled in “sexing” a woman... and “knowing” how to pace yourself... an hour is easy... and she is going to be a soaking wet... trembling orgasmic mess... totally blissed by you!

Mistake 9... Mistaking Her Moodiness For NORMAL Behaviour...

It is no secret that women can be a LOT moodier than men and I would put a BIG hmm with that as men can be well moody too... and if you are in a “relationship” with a woman and she seems to keep getting more and more moody over time… this is often because she is not getting what she needs in “sexing”... she is unhappy and unfulfilled in “good sexing”... so take it as a powerful “warning sign”... she is not a “happy” woman. 

FACT... as we talked about before… while women are not usually as “sexing aggressive” as men... they do love and NEED to have fulfilling “sexing” just as much... and here is the thing… if you are not giving her the Big O… then your “sexing” does her no good! 

Can you imagine if when you were “taking care of yourself” and you could NEVER get there... you would begin to enjoy it less and less each time... eventually you would get so frustrated by the inability to “finish” that it would just be easier to avoid it COMPLETELY!
Remember that the average for most men is 7 minutes... and for most women they have not even got warmed up by that time... and I make no apologies if this sounds harsh to you... yet it is TRUE for an awful lot of women out there... and I hear it time and time again from WOMEN!

So… if you cannot give her the Big O... why WOULD she want to be “sexing” with you?

The answer is... she will not... and you will be getting a whole bunch of “excuses.”

If your woman is not wanting to be “sexing” with you as much as you want then this is EXACTLY what has happened for her... in the beginning... she may have tolerated it because she was really into you... now that you have been together for some time and “sexing” is not satisfying for her... it is more fulfilling for her to take care of HERSELF when you are not around... with her vibrator... and even another man who is fulfilingly “sexing” her. 

This leads to her only being with you on a special occasion… or when she feels obligated  as part of her duty... when you have bought her a fancy dinner or some sort of gift... if you recognize any of these signs... it is time to step up your game NOW before the drought gets even worse... and she starts looking else where for a MAN who will do the “sexing” for her.

And when you do... you will discover that when you are completely rocking her world “sexing” her... not only is she a “happy” woman on a day to day basis… and SHE WILL start initiating “sexing” with YOU!

A close friend of mine who is a “sexing expert” herself shared this with me... which I KNOW to be very true...

“When you are giving her the BEST ORGSAMS of her life... she will not care if you are homeless and living in a cardboard box... as long as you can make love in it!”

If your woman is often starting arguments...  avoiding “intimacy” and “sexing” or acting “distant” in some way... this as a HUGE RED FLAG that something is deeply amiss in your “relationship” and it is “time” to stop blaming her... go take a long deep look at yourself and  examine your “sexing ability”... because the real culprit could be...  inadequate “sexing pleasure” for her... by you!
And it is “fixable.” 

Mistake 10... Not Getting Help...

Top performers in any aspect of life realize that MASTERY is a “journey”... not a “destination” and they are always “learning” and “personally developing” themselves. 

Top athletes do not all of a sudden stop “practicing”... they “practice” more to be even “better”...  top business people do not suddenly neglect their businesses and expect it to keep “growing”... and you “know” what… “sexing” is no different.

To be an “amazing lover” and highly skilled in “sexing” a woman... you cannot ever be blinded by the “arrogance” that you “know” it all... never ever fool yourself into “thinking” that you know EVERYTHING... you may know A LOT... yet there are ALWAYS new ways to “learn” move you to the next level.

If you are serious about getting this part of your life together… and joining the 10% of all men who can REALLY rock a womans world in “sexing” her… there are DOZENS of secrets waiting for you to become “aware” off... like “how” to get your woman turned on BEFORE “sexing” her...  “how” to make use of “foreplay” methods that make her want to have you inside “sexing” her... little known positions that GUARANTEE she “squirts” when you are “sexing” her... and “how” to give her “multiples” or “stacked orgasms”...and “how” to have your woman wanting and initiating “sexing”  with you... and much... much more!

If your woman is not MOANING and QUIVERING with "pleasure" and wanting you to be “sexing” her at all times of the day... is she REALLY that into You?

Because at the end of the day it is only YOU that stops you from being a GREAT Lover and “skilled” in “sexing” women!

As always... leave a man or woman all the "better" for "knowing" you.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

Ange is an  Author... Speaker... and Dynamic Peak Performance Personal Development Consultant... and Humanistic Counselling Psychologist and Sexologist... who works with men and women who desire to "personally develop" themselves and their "relationships" to become Dynamic Lifers... "creators" of their own life and wealth!

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