Same View Different Perspective

By Ange Fonce

When someone talks to you about their goals... about whether or not they are trying to earn a lot of money or make a difference or stand out or fit in... it is so easy to assume that they have the same world view and goals as you do. 

You assume that if your narrative is...

"I do this for the money." 

That when someone different says... 

"I do this for love." 

You may think they are actually lying. 

If you think... "acceptance is everything"... then when someone tells you that he is more focused on standing out... you think they are standing out as a way of being accepted. 

You assume that if someone says they believe in faeries or Norse gods.. you know that they do not... not really. 

Everyone apparently... is just like you and they are lying about it.

Everyones perception of the World and their own internal thoughts are unique. 

It changes by culture... by maturity and by being the "individual" that you and they are. 

While it is easy to be suspicious of someone who claims to have a different worldview than you do... it is BECAUSE they do and it is almost certain that they are sincere. 

Start with that sincerity and work from there.

And REALLY get to KNOW and understand that person.

By doing that... you are giving them the OPPORTUNITY to REALLY get to know you and UNDERSTAND you.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely


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