Preparing For The Fear Of A Shark Attack And "Pi"

By Ange Fonce

Being "attacked" by a shark is "primal... sudden... terrifyingly visceral" and "overwhelming"... and it is "impossible" to be a "unafraid" in the face of one... even if you have "great knowledge" of sharks and are "prepared" for them. 

The sheer terror of it can "overwhelm us"... paralyzing us... leave us "helpless" to do a thing about it... the "thought" of "excruciating pain"... that "great chunks" of us can be torn off... that we could be "eaten"... that we are simply "food" for another species... can fill us with a "great fear" of sharks.

Raw... naked "fear" overpowers our "rationality" of the "probability" of ACTUALLY being "attacked" by a shark! 

And what is "most important"... and easily "overlooked" in the Big Picture... is the "detail" that shark attacks are "astonishingly rare"... a "tiny" decimal point in the Great Scheme of things... most of us will not even come close to "encountering" a shark in our lives... let alone being "attacked" by one!

Yes it turns out that there is no "useful correlation" between the "enormity" of the "actually hazard" and its "relevance" to our lives... the "fear" is there... "real" of not... it is in our "imagination"... the "fear" of a shark attack!

Yet what is the "probability" of that "fear"... actually being True?

The same thing is "true" of your "project"... your "upcoming speech"... and the "meeting" you are about to "undertake"... the "primal fear" of being "torn to pieces" is there.

Using the "metaphor" of a "shark attack" to "describe" the "imaginary" and "horrible pitfall" of what we "imagine" can be ahead of us... is a good way to "remind ourselves" to "focus" on "something else." 

Better to "prepare" for a "hazard" with "2 plans at hand"... the "likely outcome" and the "avoidable outcome" instead.

Then you can evade the "shark attack"... by "not being" in that "place" to be "attacked."

Real or "imaginary!"

So "how" can one do that?

Making Use of Magic and Irrationality... Pi...

Did you "know" and were you "aware" that the 14th day of the 3rd month of the 15 year... 3.1415... was Pi day?

Pi is one of our most "famous irrational numbers." 

Not "irrational" in the sense that its a "foolish argument"... a form of "wishing for one thing"... while "engaging" in doing another. 

No... Pi is "irrational" in a "magical... beautiful" sense... in that it does not "make sense" in a "rational mathematical" way... yet Pi "works." 

It cannot be "cropped off" and made to "fit into a box"... the "closer" you look at Pi... the more you "see" into "infinity"... Pi goes on "forever!" 

And that sort of "irrational magic" is at the heart of "your best work."

I "love" Science... yet many people hardly ever grasp... that there is 2 types of Science... Empirical Science... which wants everything "rational" and "explainable" by "evidence"... which is great because it makes the World we live in REAL... "practical" and "understandable!"

Yet so often over looked is the other kind of Scientist... The Blue Sky Scientist... the "magician"... who goes of into the "unknown"... the "infinite"... to "know" and "understand" and become "aware" of what IS there?

So much of what is called Empirical Science... was "found out" and made "aware off" by Blue Sky Scientist... sometimes by "design"... often by "happy accident" by those men and women who went beyond the "boundaries" of what is "known" and "understood."

The Blue Sky Scientist has in effect "created" the "rational world" we "know" and "understand" by being "irrational"...  to create "rationality"... by being "illogical" to create "logic."

Much of what Science is today has been created by Magicians and Alchemists! 

And the Art of Magic and Alchemy is alive and practiced in todays Modern Blue Sky Science... even though Empirical Science does like to "acknowledge" it.

Pi does not "fit" there... Pi is "irrational" it cannot be "explained" in a "rational way"... even though it "works!"

So when it comes to your own work... "meeting spec" works fine as long as you are the "only person" who has to "meet spec." 

And in any "competitive environment"... "fitting" into a "box" or "making yourself" fit into "anothers box"... will do you little good.

To be "transcendent" and "irrational"... MAGICAL and BLUE SKY... is to always have a "few more digits to spare"... then those who demand "rationality"... who "demand" that you  be "rounded off" and "filed away" as an "idiot."

That you are "irrational"... and "illogical"

And in demanding that you be "rational" go completely missing the "point"... that you are Human... that you are "Pi."

The world of Science is littered with men and women who were considered "idiots"... they were Pi... and yet those same "idiots" have progressed Humanity... with some of our Greatest Science! 

Yes "shark attacks" are REAL... they are also incredibly RARE... so the "probability" of a being attacked by a shark... are "infinitesimally small."

It is always an "asset" to keep "things" in PERSPECTIVE!

So "accept" you can be "magical" and "logical"... "irrational" and "rational"... ALL at the "same time."

Let you "mind" imagine what is "possible" and not be "distracted" by what is most likely to be "improbable."

Like being attacked by a shark... for instance... and that Pi... "works!"

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

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