People And What They Think The World Owes Them

By Ange Fonce

People have been promised the world.

They have been promised perfect abs, an 8-figure start-up exit and a convertible with a hot blonde or hot guy!

And not only have they been promised these things, they have actually seen people achieve exactly what we think is the perfect life?

We know it is possible. 

We see them on stage, on our Facebook timelines, and hear stories from friends and cannot help feeling relatively deprived. 

Because the world now owes us something and has failed to deliver so far.

So the reasoning goes like this:

"They said if they can do it, I can do it and telling from the fact that I have not achieved what they have achieved, I must be a failure."

We have been carefully crafting an image of the ideal life and each day we go out and search for it. 

And each day what we find is reality. 

And each day we cannot help notice how reality fails to meet our image of the ideal life.

We have been drilled to focus on the gap between reality and our image of the ideal and we have been told by so many that the way to bridge this gap and stand out from the crowd is to work longer hours and try harder.

In doing so, not only have we have mastered the recipe for depression and disillusionment, we have graduated with honors.

And so we suffer through life, looking for sympathy for our imperfect lives. 

And the sympathy we find pales in comparison to the sympathy we are hoping to find. 

And so the downward spiral continues...


Well, until when?

You tell me.

Until, hopefully, our dissatisfaction with life spawns a sincere examination of that life.

Until we start to realise that maybe, just maybe, the universe does not owe us anything.

And that maybe, just maybe, we might be better off focusing on how we can use our unique capabilities for the sake of others, instead of collecting what we are supposedly owed.

In my estimation, this is where Positive Coaching Psychology comes in.

Positive Coaching Psychology can provide you with a healthy regard for the things that truly lead to meaning and life satisfaction... everything we do not even realise we have, and gratitude for it helping others, instead of just being busy improving the significance of ourselves

And before Positive Coaching Psychology can be effective, in 1-on-1 coaching for instance, it is useful to find out how big the gap between reality and the image of the world and perhaps, more importantly, uncover the true need behind the continuous search for an ideal self. 

What is the promise of the ideal self? 

Is it happiness? 



A feeling of finally being good enough and lovable?

When we are able to uncover what we expect to find at the end of the ideal self tunnel, we may ask ourselves whether this cannot be found now, in the present moment.

Do we really need to become worthy or can we feel the same by accepting ourselves for who we are, right now? 

Do we really need a lot of money in order to experience happiness or may savouring the present moment allow us to experience the very same thing? 

Is the respect we are hoping to get perhaps something that we can now give to ourselves?

Something to think about.

Have you any thoughts or comments you would like to share with me on what I have written?

I would love to hear from you.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Loving... Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

Ange Fonce

1... A person with a penchant for Science... creativity... books... writing... communication... fitness... sexing... sexuality... human relationships... psychology... physiology and any other area involving heavy use of the Intellect.

2... A bright person and Intelligent!

3... Ange is Dynamic Peak Performance Personal Development Coach... Sexologist who works with those men and women who desire to personally develop themselves and their relationships to become creators of their own life... relationships and wealth! 

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