Optimism And Pessimism Are Both Self Fulfilling Ways Of THINKING! 

By Ange Fonce

Pessimism is the killer of "joy" and "progress"... the shortest route to “disappointment” and “failure”... when you “pessimistically expect” that something will happen... you cannot help “feel” let down... when it does not... and you are unable to “appreciate” any form of “success” and dismiss it as a mere “fluke”...  the “pessimists” scowls with contempt even before they have opened their mouth.

When you show up with “optimistic enthusiasm”... you made a “decision” before you even encountered what was going on... to “achieve” and work for “success” … it is a “choice” and this “choice” is contagious... this “choice” changes what will happen next... this “choice” is at the “core” of what it takes to be “successful” at making “transformation” or performing a “service.”

Optimism is fuel to "progress"... it moves you “forward” and it “amplifies” your best work... more than you imagine... your “attitude” creates your “reality” to the world and to other people. 

When others ask you...

"What have you got?"

To often the wrong answer to this question is... 

"What do you need?"

When someone asks you... “what do you have to offer”... when they ask for some “indication” of what they can “choose” from... it is tempting to ask “what they want”... because maybe... just maybe... you will “figure out” how to make that for them.

When you act like a “short order” cook at a seedy street corner diner... people rarely ask you for something “interesting”...  instead of trying to “figure out” what will get you “picked”... you would be better off... “figuring out” the way you can “attract people” to “buy into” the dream of what you  are about instead.

And for that you need to have a Solid Reputation! 

Reputation... is what people “expect” you to do next... it is “their expectation” of the “quality” and “character” of the next thing you produce or say or do.

You “control” your “actions”... even when it feels like you do not... and your “actions” over “time”... especially when you think no one is looking... build and earn your Reputation.

After all... who would you “buy into?”

An “achieving optimist”... or a failing “doom and gloom” pessimist?

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

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