I have not long finished delivering a seminar to a group of local business men and women.

A I left I left community centre... I passed a much smaller room... where a seminar for local people was going on.

The snacks did not seem as good... compared to where I had just come from.

The booklets were not that interesting and of a lower quality, compared to the more luxurious quality food and material of the other group. 

What occurred to me is that the men and women in the second room were just as smart and just as talented as the men and women in the first room.

The difference is that the first group was enjoying the benefits of aiming high... they did not get these benefits because they were arguably smarter or had better connections or had gone to some fancy University. 

No... they were starting with the same raw materials as the group in the second room... the difference? 

I think... the people in the second room had made a decision about what they deserved... or what they were capable of... or what they were going to stick with... and it was a bad decision... it was made a long time ago.

They decided to "make do" and stayed stuck the pain off that decision.

And the first group had made a different decision... they thought BIG and made CHANGES and aimed HIGH!

No one should set out to sell themselves short because of a decision they made a long time ago. 

In a world where the past matters a lot less than it ever did before... where it is easier than it ever was to hit the reset button... it is sad to see people choosing to be stuck. 

So... if you want to... switch.

Hit the "reset" button and think BIG and NOT accept... make do!

The snacks are a lot better.

May You Enjoy A Prosperous And Productive Day.

Yours Sincerely

Ange Fonce