Obstacles to Living and Loving Yourself 


By Ange Fonce

Pride is an amazing thing yet how many people have lived frustrated and lonely lives because of pride? 

We are fortunate to live in a world that fosters something like pride less than it has been fostered in the past yet many people still cling to their pride as if it were their sole meaningful possession on earth as the only thing that keeps them going.

The problem with pride is that it is focused on who you are or what you think you are even though usually you have little or nothing to do with your own circumstances. 

Think of the people who have been born into the upper class and how strongly they hold on to the pride that their social class has instilled in them. 

Their pride though is misplaced... they have done nothing to get where they are and their pride in themselves is deceitful and probably quite harmful. 

Their pride is based on a system or systems that were created and forged by others before them and they are merely reaping the benefits of the work of others. 

Enjoying the benefits is one thing and being proud of them and there is no place for that.

This sort of pride leads people to make poor decisions to limit their lives in an unlimited world. 

They will not have anything to do with certain people because those people do not measure up to their standards. 

The rich will not socialize with the poor the full timers will not socialize with the part timers... the beautiful will not be seen with the ugly what will people think?

Pride goes before the fall. 

We have all heard it before. 

Actually though this would be much more simply said... 

"Pride causes the fall." 

I have never met an extremely proud person around whom I have been comfortable for I see them sabotaging their own lives over and over again limiting themselves to whatever is acceptable to them in their circumstances. 

I see them treat other people as inferiors completely ignoring the fact that every person they mistreat was created by the same God who they believe created them. 

I have seen them insult and ridicule and hold others in disdain all for the sake of maintaining their own pride. 

You see they are fooling themselves into thinking that they have power and they will find out that the power they have is limited to times when things are going well. 

Once things start going poorly they all see just how powerless they truly are their pride has kept them from seeing aspects of their lives that they need to work on has kept them from seeing gaps in their knowledge and ability.

False Pride is blinding and there is none so poor as the one who is not able to see things as they truly are. 

Physical blindness is not nearly as debilitating as mental blindness and the proud people of the world cannot claim to see all. 

Humility is the opposite of false pride and the humble can be proud and have a very good vision of just where they stand in the world. 

Give me a humble person to be with before a proud person full of false pride any day. 

With the humble person I will learn of the world and of other people and of life with the proud person... I will learn only about that person and what makes him or her so great. 

People who live in situations that generally foster pride and who hold on to their humility are among the most admirable people I know. 

Everything is working on them to make them proud yet they keep a healthy perspective and they give credit where credit is due and they do not take it all for themselves. 

They still see others and they see clearly. 

A man who had made millions in asphalt recently sold his business and split the profits with the people who had worked for him over the years turning some into instant millionaires. 

He had made millions himself and he was willing to give it away to others. 

He had resisted self indulgent false pride and he was proud of what he had achieved and shared that success with others.

He and others were much happier for it.

Be proud of your accomplishments and then move on to the next task and that is where you are needed. 

Never let false pride overwhelm you and rob you of your ability to see the world others and your place in it clearly. 

Learn of life and prepare yourself for any future by filling in your own gaps and strengthening yourself in your vulnerable areas.

And here is trusting that you always will allow yourself to lead a very high quality life! 

You deserve it!

Have you any thoughts or comments you would like to share with me on what I have written?

I would love to hear from you.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Loving... Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

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