More Important Than Anything You Say

By Ange Fonce

To say "body language" is actually misleading.

Body language is not really a "language." 

It is a method of DIRECT communication that is as old as human evolution.

It is NOT something you learn like verbal communication.

It is a UNIVERSAL language we are born with... and known the world over.

It is the way to interpret subtle unspoken cues from other individuals... you can communicate without language purely with body language

As a matter of fact it WAS the original language... and still is.

It is the real thing... the actual direct route and it still has more influence on how you are perceived more than anything you say.

Women are FAR better at sending and receiving these signals. 

Some scientific research estimates women are about ten times better at interpreting and decoding body language then men.

Being able to communicate through body language AND read body language makes you more powerful in your relationships and influence in general. 

Are you even "aware" and "understanding" the language your own body is "speaking?"

And what others are "communicating" to you?

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely


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