Money A Great Way To Screw Up Your life? A Homage To Poverty 

By Ange Fonce‏

Part 7

“Money is just a way of keeping score in life”... says T Boone Pickens. 

People keep score in bits of metal and paper because it is easy to tot them up... too bad it is all nonsense... what really matters in life is not quantitative... it is qualitative... you cannot add it... you cannot subtract it... you cannot keep score with it. 

The numbers are meaningless.

Looking from the outside... you might as well be the family dog overhearing a family squabble... you do not know what to make of it.

Money makes things possible... positive things as well as negative things... which brings us to the last part of our “Homage to Poverty” series. 

Remember... what really matters is 

1... What you do.
2... Where you do it.

3... With whom you do it. 

We have already seen how money can keep you from doing what you want… where you want... now how about with whom you want? 

How does money come into play with that? 

Money.... or arguments over money.... breaks up more rich families... then poor families... it is the “rich” who fight more over money than the poor. 

That leaves the “rich” often feeling lonely and isolated... cut off from the majority... and often from their own “rich” kin... what can they do...  hang out with other “rich” people. 

They move to the rich side of town... they take up hobbies and past times shared by other rich people... pretty soon... their lives are slipping away from them… measured out in sauvignon blanc and charity fundraisers. 

The best of them piddle away their days in idleness... drunkenness and debauchery... the worst are full of earnest good intentions.... the man or women they married may feel abandoned at home... yet the men and women they never met in some far flung place in the world will have their full support!

Now I received some "interesting" e mails in reference to this series of "Homage To Poverty." 

Here is a comment from one reader...

“What a pile of garbage... there is no correlation between happiness and money... none.”


More than two thirds of the world works just to survive... while the other third works to get ahead... and it aims to get richer... of the other two thirds... and all are “chasing” money in some shape or form to be “happier.”  

Why so much effort if there is no connection... none... to happiness?

And why are so many people investing their money and working... if not in the thinking that it will be fructified… making them richer?

I have been making the case that the link between money and happiness is not as straight and sure as... 

More money = More happiness. 

It can be the other way around... 

More money = Less happiness.  

Having money does not keep you from making the wrong choice... in fact... money can make the wrong choice more readily available to you. 

So be AWARE there are plenty of people who will spot you coming a mile away... and will be more than HAPPY to part you from your money! 

I grew up very poor… and I was not unhappy with being poor... I took from my childhood that happiness was independent of being rich… I drew my happiness from the home and Nature... and with this base of my contentment secure... I could go out into the outside word… facing whatever challenges and hardships might come my way… confident that no matter what happened... my happiness was my “responsibility.”

I began this series with an insight... that if you want to build “wealth” you had better learn to like poverty first... a man or woman who measures their worth in material success may not be able to bear the risk of failure... in my case... I accept “failure” as part of “learning” to “grow” and move forward... so I am  largely indifferent to failure and money did not really matter much. 

So... I could afford to take “risks” to acquire those goals I set myself. 

And one of my “goals” is to start a business... which I did... 30 years ago... and built a successful business which made me rich.

Cool you think... until the divorce happened.

Rich to poor again did not take long with the lawyers involved.

Did that stop me... NO!

I can live with “poverty.”

I took “time out”... enjoyed life... then started to rebuild again.... wiser with the experience of “knowing”... that when you want to build “wealth”.... you HAVE to be with the RIGHT people!

WHY Does It Matter So Much To Be With The RIGHT People?

No matter what you do... it is hard to put your hands on serious money... when you come of age... all of the money in the world is already owned by someone else... it's custodians and guardians will not turn it over to you readily.  

Starting out... you will not know what you have to do to make your business succeed... or even your life. 

Most likely... your business will fail and more and likely in your life too will experiences many “failures”...  you do not want to take it too hard. 

Instead... you want to take advantage of it... since you cannot know in advance what will succeed... eliminating failures is the only sure route to success... the challenge is to fail early and often enough so you still have your nerve and your wits when you finally “create” something that works. 

Even if you are able to separate yourself... again in a deep... emotional way... from material success… it still plays a role in your life... as I have explained in this series... you want to create “wealth” for a reason, even if you do not know what the reason is... at this time. 

When you undertake to “create it"... you get a sense of satisfaction and delight when you succeed...  it is not necessarily the money... it is not necessarily about being “rich”... it might just be like the satisfaction you get from choosing the fastest line at the checkout counter or cutting someone off in traffic. 

Life is competitive… and you want to win... and the greatest way to WIN is to enable others to WIN too. 

WIN WIN... the  money is one way of keeping score.

The typical man and woman has a job where he or she  is told... more or less... what to do... they may earn a high salary or a low one... they may like what he or she does or suffer it as he or she suffers a tax audit or a colonoscopy... and it will probably not get them any serious wealth or satisfaction.  

You do not get either by going along with the flow.... you get it by disrupting it... read that again...

You do not get either by going along with the flow.... you get it by disrupting it!

Like disruptive technology... you must change the way money is earned… and spent… altering the capital landscape of the planet. 

Being WEALTHY in experience... not “fearing” poverty... not “fearing” failure... knowing and understanding what will WORK... is REAL POWER!

Because you work for the WIN WIN!

If all you are out to get is more... just to be “rich”... consider this... relatively... others must have less.

That is not WIN WIN... that is you win and others LOSE!

This gives the competitive... WEALTH making man and a woman a deep sense of reward even before he or she is successful... they may not necessarily be the richest of men or woman... yet he or she is probably among the happiest. 

Beethoven referred to such men and women as the “free artist.” 

He or she does what they like with no overseer laying the lash on their back and no banker holding a “you own me” in their face.  

Such a man or woman... would do their work even if it did not pay.... for he or she is the CREATOR …. the builder… remaking the world... not in their own image exactly... yet at least with his or hers fingerprints on it.

Such men and women are the “creators” of their environment... not products of their environment... which being “rich” is... a “product.”

Such men and women are the “wealth” builders... because they are WEALTHY!

They are the DYNAMIC Men and Women of this World.

And one last thought for this series of articles...

You can be materially "rich" and yet possess a "poverty mindset" based on "constant need"... or you can possess an Abundance Mindset built on the WEALTH of Life Happiness Experience... creating the life you LOVE to live.

Now that is REAL WEALTH!

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!
Yours Sincerely

Ange is an  Author... Speaker... and International Peak Performance Personal Development Consultant... and Psycho Dynamic Counselling Psychologist who works with men... and women who desire to "personally develop" themselves and their "relationships" to become Dynamic Lifers from around the World!

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