Mind Reading Or Not? 

By Ange Fonce

Do you ever “think” about having the ability to get inside some ones head and "really know" what they are "thinking?" 
Like maybe you are having a “conversation” with them and suddenly they are sharing their “life story” to you about anything “you ask them”... telling you things that they would normally reveal only to their closest friends who they have known for years?
In this article I want to show the closest thing I know to getting inside some ones “mind” and “reading” their “thoughts”... and I am not talking about developing psychic powers or anything like that. 
What I mean is establishing a “rapport” and “trust”   so strong with someone that they will tell you exactly what they are “thinking” while “feeling” like they have known you for years... even if you have only met them 10 minutes ago.
And before I do that... let me ask you a question... ever heard of a gentleman named Dale Carnegie?
He was an American author and speaker and wrote arguably one of the most popular books in history on the subject of “influence” and “persuasion” entitled... 

How To Win Friends and Influence People. 
The book was written in 1936 and has sold more than 15 million copies worldwide... and it is still being sold today... to say that Dale Carnegie knew a thing or two about influence is an understatement... one of the more interesting quotes attributed to Carnegie is this one...
"When dealing with people... remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic... but creatures of emotion."
I want you to keep this quote in “mind” when you read through the rest of this article... because  the "4 step pattern" that I am going to share with you is “designed” around the “fact” that we are “emotional creatures”... and make many of “our decisions” based on “emotion” and not “logic.”
Let us face it... if we made “logical decisions” all of the time... we would eat right every day... we would exercise every day... we would be driving around in the safest... most economical environmentally friendly cars... we would get 8 hours of sleep every night... and so on... need I say more?
This method is designed  to build the “emotional” part of conversations “fast”... to build “rapport” fast and get you as close to reading some ones “mind” as possible... in “quick time.” 
There are “two rules” that you must follow “initially” to make this pattern work... 

1... Do not disagree with what the person is saying.... 
Now... “listen carefully”...   I am not saying that you have to “agree” with what they are saying... and I am not saying that you cannot express your “point of view”... even if it differs from theirs... what I am saying is initially is... “do not disagree with them”... do not make them WRONG... by you “not disagreeing” with them you allow the “person to talk”... which is “exactly” what you want to happen.
Because when they are “talking” you are going to be “listening” and gathering “intelligence” for “certain things” that you can say... “reflect” back to them. 
This will make them “reveal” even more to you willingly... so that nothing “feels forced” or “manipulative”... it is part of the flow of a “natural conversation.”
2... Do not try to "solve" their problem...
In my “experience” this one is usually tougher for men than women.... men typically want to “jump in” and “fix things”... it is something we are just programmed to do... yet in trying to “fix things”... sometimes you can kill the “conversation” by “imposing” your “point of view.”
What you want to happen is for the person doing the talking to ”ask you for help”... or for your “thoughts” on the matter... and that is where the “real opportunity” opens up for you to “influence” comes in... and  I am jumping ahead. 
So keeping these “2 rules in mind”... the “four step pattern” looks like this...
Step 1... Acknowledge the “feeling” that “stands out” in the “conversation.”
Step 2... Reflect the “feeling” back to the speaker.
Step 3... Listen for “feedback” and gather "intelligence." 
Step 4... Repeat the process until the speaker “asks” for your “help” or “thoughts.” 
Now here is what is “powerful” about this pattern... it can be used in any kind of “conversation”... like with your spouse... your co worker... your boss... your lover... even with a stranger who you would like to get to “know” better.
And in the next article... I will show you “how to apply” this pattern... so you can use it with all of the “relationships” that you have. 
I will even “detail” for you the “1 pitfall” that will cause you to “crash and burn” with this pattern... unless of course... you know “how” to avoid the pitfall. 
So keep your eyes open for the next article in a few days time.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

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