Every time I write a post or an article... I have a dilemma... am I writing for you... the established "reader" who has read many of my previous posts... and even though we may not have directly connected... we share a "personal connection"... and are caught up in each others history... it matters... of course... or am I writing for you... the first-timer... the "newbie"... the person who found their own way here?

I think this dichotomy of experience raises the level of responsibility for both me the writer and you the reader... without knowing who you are reading... it is hard to judge the tone of voice of what you are hearing... more important... it changes the posture of me the writer.

And continuing along with this interesting dichotomy of... me promotion... you promotion... where do WE begin?

For instance... watch this because I am in it vs. I am in it because you will enjoy watching it.


I published a book so I need you to read it vs. There is something you need to read... so I wrote about it.


I am fifty and I just made an album because it was time for me to make one vs. These songs will not let go of me and I want to share them with you because they matter.

The first is ME-centric and explains that I am promoting something that I made because I am proud to share it... what I do is make stuff and share it... here is the best I could do... and you share it with me.

The second is YOU-centric... it starts with the needs and desires of YOU and it says... I found something for you here... and I am going to share it with you to enjoy for yourself.

So in the ME-centric... and in the YOU-centric... both me and you are sharing the WE-centric.

And if you are an "old friend"... then me and you have been sharing the WE-centric for some time...  and have established a firm relationship that has "matured" over time... we know and share with each other a lot.

And if you are a "newbie"... well welcome to the "all comers" cocktail party... make yourself at home... join in and maybe in the future... WE can share a more "Exclusive Dynamic Lifer" club meeting together.

May You Enjoy A Prosperous And Productive Day For Yourself!

Yours Sincerely

Ange Fonce