Me A Procrastinator Never I Am Too Busy? 

By Ange Fonce

Procrastination is the end to the positive investment of your time... it is that because once you begin to procrastinate and make excuses to yourself to avoid doing what you KNOW needs to be done and getting it done... it is likely that you will face a long road to getting back on track... to achieve what you want to acquire... because once you start letting procrastination become a habit... you are on the slippery slope down ward to going nowhere.

Do Not Let Procrastination Sidetrack You...

Procrastination is the means of putting off something for another day even though you have the ability and the time to obtain your goals right now.

If you are someone that is known for waiting until the last minute to get the work done... this could be causing you a lot of problems that can be wrecking your day and your time... the fact is that most people go through the process of procrastination in different amounts every day.

When you procrastinate... you are actually not achieving what you are “capable of achieving” and that can cause you to lose out on many real opportunities for your success in many ways... procrastination can ruin your career because it may be the one thing that shows others that you are “unable to achieve your goals” and procrastination can have and does have a real negative impact on your personal relationships.

How can you actually get around this problem then? 

Start with learning and understanding what is happening to cause your procrastination and knowing how to react when you begin to procrastinate so when you realize your patterns when you are procrastinating or about to... you can recognize this behavior and put a stop it and get back on track to better managing the investment of your time... that is the behavioral strategy and it is a powerful one when you put it into practice.

It is also important for you to understand why people procrastinate and in doing so you will be in a better position to avoid allowing it to happen to you over and over again... finally you need to take the right steps to investing your time so that you can “manage the outcomes” of your time invested by learning how to deal with procrastination... it is a mind set that you can not afford with the limited amount of time that you actually have.

Why Do You Procrastinate?

Procrastination is something that many people if not all people actually deal with... I do myself I constant remind myself to use and invest my time for the greatest benefit... I hate wasting and losing my time being chained to time wasting people... because my time is my most precious and greatest asset... to translate that for TIME is actually my LIFE and without my life I would not exist to do anything... so that makes MY TIME very precious and DYNAMIC... because I will never know when it will end?

You should not think that this is something that only you go through... yet you need to take care of as quickly as you can so that you can STOP the time you are wasting and losing.

Procrastination is putting off doing something that you should be focusing your attention to right now... usually people do this when they want to do something else that is more favourable... more fun... or even just easier to get the hit of instant gratification... is this you? 

Do you invest your days working hard at what you are wanting to accomplish... yet you are investing your time in accomplishing the easy tasks instead of taking on the larger more important tasks... the tasks that will REALLY BENEFIT you?

Are you starting things you have decided to do?

Are you finishing what you set out to do?

A common problem here is that many people can not see the difference between the priorities in the tasks they do.

For example... 

You have an important task to complete... you also have an urgent task to complete... which do you go to first? 

You focus your time to accomplish the “important task” because it is just that... "important!"

That is why writing down a priority list is so important... you weigh out the tasks of everything you have planned out and then prioritize each task in order of importance... the most important task is number 1 priority and gets done first... people who do not use a list are like shoppers who shop without a list.

When you go to the store with a list you buy what is on the list and you are out in 30 minutes.

When you go to the store without a list and you spend 50% more and are out in 45... 60 minutes and have often forgotten something important you really needed.

Same thing applies in life and in business... have a list of priorities so you get the IMPORTANT stuff done FIRST and build your value and success...  no list and you start falling into the 80% of the people that do not produce anything of value in their life!

Far too many people look towards accomplishing the easy things that they think are necessary to complete right now... forgoing the important task and then need to find a way or a time to balance the ball in their favour.

Here are some common examples of this... 

Let us say you are working at your desk and in walks your boss... they need you to handle an important client... the phone rings and it is another employee who is struggling to accomplish their task and they want your help... you get back to work... the other employee calls again... they need you... which task do you do... the important client or the employee that will keep calling until you help?

The task here that you should be completing is the one that is most important... the one that requires your fullest attention and that will get you the most benefit for the time you invest... the work for your boss and the important client.

Unfortunately... far too many people strive to accomplish that other task... the employee because that person has complained... called... nagged... bitched and got into your head and they now are the loudest voice there telling you what to do.

Now What Do You Do?

Say NO... when it REALLY matters to you to get the job done... tell them NO and get back to work on YOUR job... which is an IMPORTANT PRIORITY that benefits you... do not train yourself or let others train you to be an idiot.

When you react to that person... you have changed the way that the day is flowing for you and  now you need to deal with the important client when you are stressed and overwhelmed by dealing with some idiots drama that had nothing to do with you in the first place... now you are explaining to your boss why you made the important client wait and why the task he had asked YOU to complete was not completed soon enough in the end and why the job was not done completely right?

Because you let an idiot drag you away from what was important and you could not concentrate and focus on what was important and you let an idiot make an idiot of you and the boss is well displeased with you... so in letting an idiot drag you away from what is important... what benefit did you gain and more to the point... what has it cost you in credibility and trust with your boss and his important client?

So who was more important... the client who was of benefit to you or the idiot who has cost you a great deal?

Are You Overwhelmed Yet?

One of the other reasons that many people struggle with procrastination does not have to do with any of these other situations... it has to do with the feeling of being so overwhelmed that you feel like you just can not do it.

For example... 

You have a large and important project on your desk... there are many steps to accomplishing it and it will take time to go through the project... organize and accomplish it... the instant feeling of being overwhelmed attacks... you can feel it in your shoulders in your head and all of a sudden you just can no longer focus on the process and you end up facing the fact that today just got very long and complicated.

Perhaps you are not sure where you should start the project... you may even feel as if the task is so large or so hard that you do not have the skills or the ability to complete it or complete all of it... perhaps you do not think you have all of the information and tools to get the job done right... instead of accomplishing the task... you put it off to the side for another day... now why would you do that?

Most people do this form of procrastination because it feels easier to accomplish something that they can do and know that they can do... they feel that the big project is just too hard to handle and whether you have the intention of going back and completing the project or not... you have now sidestepped the job so that you can gain the comfort and the benefit of completing a job that is easier for you to do... so you solve a “quick fix problem” that at least gives you a hit of instant gratification by doing something... even if it was not the REALLY important project.

Instant Gratification...

Since that was an important job... you now realize at the last minute that you need to complete it and the overwhelming worry starts up all over again... except now there is more problem to deal with... now time is limited... which means less focus and less ability to complete the job with the same quality that you could have done beforehand even though you think you could not have done so.

Important jobs and important projects that are larger and harder do not just go away... they can not be shoved under the carpet until the next day... week or whenever you get to it... if you do that you are likely to never be able to complete the project like you could complete it if you did it today with your full attention and the time to invest.and do it right... procrastination can cause all types of problems for you. 

For example... 

Some other reasons that you may procrastinate include not being able to “organize your thoughts” and your needs... “fearing that you will fail” at the task and waiting for the right time to start on your project... no matter what reason you come up with... it is still called procrastination!

Many people need to work on “improving their situation” so that they can improve the overall need that they have for achieving “time investment skills”... for some being a perfectionist may be the reason that they NEVER complete the important tasks... for others “making decisions” is not something that they know how to do efficiently and thoroughly... which leads to not making any decision at all.

All these signs of procrastination are just that... signs for you to “stop doing them” and to start MASTERING the investment of your time to the BENEFIT YOUR LIFE!

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

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