Love Is Fertile Persistence And Influence Wins The Prize

By Ange Fonce

If you want to be heard above the din of the Internet and the "white noise" of the modern media world. 

You need to speak "clearly" and with "persistence."

It is not uncommon for someone at a loud bar not to hear you the first time or even twice.

If you assume someone is not interested in getting to know you better just because they do not hear you the first or second time... then you are doomed.

The Internet and the modern media world is the busiest... loudest... most distracting place ever created. 

It is global... impersonal and mostly anonymous.

In a bar... you can sit right next to the someone you want to meet and then just bide your time until there is a lull in the noise or you can catch an eye.

The Internet and modern communication is just not like that. 

Social media is noisy and tends to be an insiders club. 

You resonate with people you already know... be it in your in boxes... your rivers of news or your walls and you tend to tune out unknowns. 

In social media and modern communication... most of us are unknowns.

All you get is the face of someone's "social brand."

To score the success in this modern  media driven world you need three things... "confidence... conviction" and "stay with it ness."

Confidence Really Does Count...

When singles talk about being attracted to "confidence" what they are really saying is that they are "attracted" to "transparency" and "authenticity." 

Confidence conveys a "deep trust" when you are "authentic" and act with "integrity." 

Like the geek approaching the supermodel... men and women who do not really "trust" they belong doing what they are doing... pitching what they are pitching... saying what they are saying... simply finish last.

What separates winning men and women from the losers? 


From my experience... too many men and women lack "bravery" and "persistence."

They lack "trust" in themselves.

They do the messaging equivalent of...

“Ahem... excuse me... if you would be so kind... ahem I do not mean to bother you or anything... ahem.”

Rather than... 

“Hello... my name is Ange Fonce... good to meet you.”

It is understandable that so many men and women find the world a fearful place. 

Over time... shell shocked from seeing everyone around them being shot down and repeatedly being warned by the media that the world is a bad place... they live up to the maxim of "once bitten... twice shy."

Men And Women Who Gain Success Are Totally Focused On The Prize...

If you really want to be "successful" in anything you choose to do... you will need to reach out not once or twice. 

At least 3 times or more.

Successful men and women are generally more often rugged individualists than people pleasers.

Brave And Bold Wins the Game...

In the Internet age... it is no longer enough to be the best looking or most interesting... you really must be the most brave. 

You need to get yourself off of that bar stool and dive in with making the introductions.

The world has become flat... thanks to the Internet and if you just wait until your Prince Charming comes to you on his palomino horse... then you will really only get what you get and that might be nothing at all.

So get out there and ask.

And here is an interesting paradox of this modern "media driven" communication age.

Something that is ancient and primal is even more important these days.

Survival of the fittest.

The one who persists get to win the "prize!"

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

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