Life Is Not A Waiting Room

Life is not some waiting room in which to "kill time" with repetitive self-amusements.

Self-discipline, like a muscle, can be developed. 

If you were raised in a disciplined environment, you may find it easier to be self-disciplined, and you can develop more.

Do not wait to 'feel like it'

In some ways, exercising self-discipline is harder than ever before. 

You are encouraged to feel something should entertain you before it is worthwhile. 

You become brainwashed with messages like...

"Don't do it unless you feel like it!"

"If it feels good, do it!"

"Yeah, the money's good but I'm not getting up at that time!"

Choosing to do something or not based on whether it feels comfortable - pleasurable or not is a disaster. 

For your personal development, your success and every aspect of your life!

If I waited to "feel like it" before exercising or working or making that tricky phone call or putting in the occasional all-nighter to meet a deadline, then I would be much less disciplined than I am now and take it from me. 

That would be really bad.

Those who stay in the "waiting room" of life and do not move until it "feels right."

Stay "stuck" there.

Don't have a wishbone where your backbone should be!

Ange Fonce