Let Your Eyes Do the Asking

By Ange Fonce

If you want to discover how to instantly wake up a mans or a womans attention or going even further attraction to you this is specifically for you. 

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The funny thing is this is one of the quickest influence... persuasion and attraction tips I have discovered and it is the easiest to implement:

The tip I have for you today is very simple and also very useful and when used well... highly effective!

If you ask a man or woman a question and he or she offers only a partial response... just wait. 

If you remain silent while maintaining eye contact... he or she will continue talking.


Because most men and women feel uncomfortable and awkward with silence.

Picture it

Imagine any question you would like to ask a man or woman. 

Envision yourself tilting your head slightly to one side with an earnest expression on your face and you hold his or her gaze.

There is something very powerful about this nonverbal communication and it displays confidence on you part by holding eye contact and note I said "gaze" and not stare. 

It invites and triggers a response.

He or she will add something more and will go a little deeper with his or her response to your original question.

The end result? 

You can move conversations deeper faster and build instant rapport with that person.

And only ask probing questions when needed. 

Do not forget the power of nonverbal communication like this one when you want to draw someones attention to you to influence... persuade and attract them to you.

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Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

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