Let Me Do My Work And Get It Done 

By Ange Fonce

These days I need a marketer and a sales man or woman to do the marketing and selling... so that I can do my work.

I need investors to put up the money so that I can get on and do my work.

I need a webmaster to take care of my websites so I can get on and do my work.

I need an accountant so I will not have to think about income and outgoings so that I can get on and do my work.

I need an admin assistant to process and answer all my email and my paperwork... so that I can get on and do my work.

I need a tea lady to bring me tea... muffins or an espresso... a police escort so I do not get stuck in traffic and a publicist so every media outlet in the world communicates what I am working on.

By now... you have probably realized... this is not going to happen... unless I get on with my work and make it happen. 

We need the leverage and the discipline that comes from working with other people, and that leverage also means that we are disciplined and responsible... to making IT HAPPEN with them too! 

People who do great work also embrace the fact that this is other's great work too. 

It is not merely an interruption or a distraction... it is ALL part of what you and I do. 

There are no insitutions reserved for dynamic... productive and creative men and women who regularly create and ship inspiring work. 

Your culture is to respond to DYNAMIC instigators and impresarios who figure out how to make a ruckus and CHANGE in a complicated world.

And be ONE of those "Dynamic men and women"... YOURSELF too!

Years ago, you would have worked with a quill... then along come the pen... then a manual typewriter... then an electrical typewrite... now a computer... plus the ever "smarter" personal communication systems... what will be next..."mind melding?"

Where is that little green guy anyway? 

In the past... you needed to wait for the post office to deliver paper and you had no free and highly leveraged outlet for your work to be seen by others. 

You had no access to a huge, instant and free library of the work that has come before... and now it is all there at the tip of your finger at the press of a button.

The world of the internet... e mail... social media... the BIGGEST library on the planet and it's VAST information... and can be the biggest WASTER of your TIME too! 

And yet... despite all of those missing elements... that today a "button" now gives you and me access too... great work.. GREAT WORK in the past... was and has been created... before the "button!"

My "thinking" is that the few people who find themselves isolated with nothing to do... other than the "inspiration" of what they think and feel is their work... find a way to distract themselves with something anyway... there is always the siren call of that addictive "button." 

And people who have too many distractions to actually do any REAL work are in that bind because they have not invested enough time, effort or risk in their process... to refrain from that "button"... they are "addicted" to it. 

Yes, there is a sweet spot. 

Go sit "isolated"... away from that "button" to do your work.

As you obtain leverage, that "self discipline" to do your GREAT WORK.

That leverage becomes part of what you and your work becomes... and then that "button" can become the conduit for sharing your GREAT WORK!

Now... leave me to do my work and GET IT DONE!

As I am leaving you to go do your work... and for you to GET IT DONE! 

Go... NOW!

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day... and the "force" be with you!
Yours Sincerely

Ange Fonce

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