Language Patterns That Influence  

By Ange Fonce

For years it was thought that the aggressive hard sell was the only way to really be effective and yet the hard sell meets a lot of resistance

Yet the use of other language patterns seem to heighten influence even more and we will touch on a few here...

"Don’t" Language Patterns

We know that people cannot make a picture of the word don’t in their minds...  more specifically a picture cannot be made of don’t... because it is not a noun... so you can use this word in language patterns to influence others and here are a few examples...

“Don’t feel as though you have to go ahead with this proposal today.”

“Don’t look at me and smile.”

“Don’t decide now... you can do it later if you are uncomfortable.”

“Don’t make up your mind quickly.”

Go back to each of these examples... delete the word don’t... and you will get the message the subconscious mind is getting...  the reason why so many children disobey is that they frequently hear the word don’t...  the brain skips over the word don’t regularly...  need convincing?  

"Don’t think of blue..." 

"Don’t think of your mothers face." 

And you did both.

Don’t is like a direct order to do something.

Might and Maybe Language Patterns

Most individuals use language patterns that are far too explosive or are demanding of the other person... they come from the place of I want...  this is a common mistake...  we tend to give orders to our spouses,..children... employees.. etc...  we do not like to take orders ourselves and resent them when we hear them... so why treat others in a way we do not like ourselves?  

Now when we can use Might and Maybe Language Patterns to persuade others in a far more gentle and effective manner when you phase your words as a request or a suggestion... you are more likely to influence to persuade and gain compliance from the other person.

"You might want to consider adding this program to our project list... would you do that  now please."

"You might want to take this project up now please"

"You might notice that your feelings toward this project will change with each passing day."

"Maybe you will go ahead with the program after taking one night to consider it."

"Maybe you have not considered the “benefits” of how good this project is going to make all of us look at the end of the year at bonus time."

Now go back and delete the words might and maybe...   notice how the statements phrased as a request... become  a command when the hypnotic bypass word is taken out.

Assumption Of The Obvious Language Patterns

When we give credit to people for knowing something they really know nothing about... they generally hide their ignorance and agree with what you are stating...  this is supposed to leave us with thinking that they possess more knowledge than they do.  

In each pattern below... you will notice how this works in the persuasion process.

“You probably already know the problems we will have if we don’t get to work on this now.”

“You probably know how this is going to increase our benefits...  I am simply going to elaborate on three ways.”

“People can you know really can gain a lot of benefits for themselves by implementing this program.”

“You will soon realize that you are making the right decision when you...”

“Sooner or later you will know that this is the best option for the immediate future.”

“Eventually you know what is right for you and you can benefit greatly.”

Notice the phrases... "you probably already know"...  "people can"... "you know"... "realize"... "sooner or later"... eventually all imply the person will see the obvious very shortly.

This of course is only the tip of the iceberg in being successful in the persuasion process and able to influence other people to them saying yes and agreeing with you... practice these patterns and test them in your daily work and everyday life... the more you practice the more confident you will become in using them.

Because confidence in itself is a powerful persuasive energy state of influence and when that confidence evolves and becomes powerful dynamic charisma

You are a persuader of influence!

Have you any thoughts or comments you would like to share with me on what I have written?

I would love to hear from you.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Loving... Prosperous and Dynamic day!

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