On a bright sunny day, you make your way to a scenic river, bringing a load of fish bait and container to store day's fresh catch... you carefully seek a very comfortable location with a wonderful backdrop of majestic waterfall and sound of birds chirping away. 

It is really like an escape to a paradise. 

You carefully unload your stuff and slowly pick your first bait , secure it on a fishing hook, take a deep breath of the freshest air you have ever smelled and swing the fishing line into the river... you are overwhelmed by the awe of the nature beauty so much so that you are getting so relaxed and not focused on fishing. 

You are willing to sit there for whole day waiting even though your day's catch is just one fish... you feel the number of catch is no longer the most important thing and the good feeling of being there is enough to justify your time spent.

In the real world, many people are simply performing recreational fishing. 

They read books about people's success and immerse in a dream of themselves being equally successful. Instead of moving ahead to reach the dream of being successful, they just remain as routine as they used to be and still waiting for same "small fish" to swim to their hook. 

Some might be attending seminar or motivational program and eventually still end up "watching the sceneries" and "waiting for small fishes to swim to their hook."

Are you one of them? 

Be honest to yourself. 

If you have suddenly realized you are one of them, would you "step up" engage in "commercial fishing" where fisherman goes out to the ocean to hunt for the part of ocean with the most concentrated gathering of large fishes and scoop them up before other the competition find them?

Life is about choices... and it is the choices you make in your life that defines who you are... in life you can choose to be in "recreational fishing" mode or "commercial fishing" mode. 

There is always a choice. 

Remember... it is not "spiritual" to be poor... it is not "spiritual" to be "greedy" either. 

The two are NOT related.

Which "kind" of fisherman will "feed" the most people? 

You do not become evil if you are rich.... you can evil rich, evil poor, noble rich, and noble poor. 

The two are NOT related. 

It is not "wrong" to compete, excel, go forward, win big, desire, manifest, be successful, be rich, own beautiful homes, go for dream vacations, be at the top of the ladder, and have a beautiful life... 

Remember... your natural state is that of good health and good fortune and happiness and well being and fun and laughter and healthy food and... you are naturally abundant. 

Being lazy does NOT feel good... being sick does not feel good... being poor does not feel good. 

So what "kind" of "fisherman" are you?

May You Enjoy A Beautiful And Prosperous Day.

Ange Fonce