It Is All In The Eyes 

By Ange Fonce

So many days on this earth we spend going about our business... heads buried in our cell phones... minds racing faster than a speeding bullet and our bodies dashing about from here to there. 

Our brains are inundated with the oh so uplifting media... I am being ironic here... the media is anything other than uplifting... we have appointments to keep... commitments to make... meetings to attend and lo and behold... we have the lovely task of deciding what we are going to have for dinner... and creating it... on top of everything else!

With all of this going on and so much more... it is easy to see how one might float around on auto pilot. 

And do we really want to go about the remainder of lives this way? 

Is this a fulfilling way of being? 

Has going about life in this habitual manner perpetuated the life that you want? 

Is this adding to the quality of your relationships or is it taking away? 

We know in our hearts and minds how important it is to be Present... yet do we really know how to do that? 

Well... if you have at least done some form of personal development... you probably have an idea of what is involved in this being Present stuff. 

If you have not... then is this not a good time to ask yourself...

"Am I really living and creating MY life AWARE and PRESENT as ME?

There are many ways one can go about getting connected to the Present moment. 

One of the most powerful methods is to simply focus on your breathing... sounds easy enough... yes? 

You can do that while sitting... standing... walking... running... lying down etc… we have been given this gift... not just for the physiological necessity of having glorious oxygen nourish our bodies cells... it is also for the psychological awareness of... becoming PRESENT!

Getting Present first... is key. 

No matter how you get there... learn to do it... start becoming consciously aware of what you are subconsciously aware of too. 

Connect to the beauty of this moment... and become AWARE of the moment... and this part will absolutely transform your life… connecting with people in the eyes. 

Of course those near and dear to you will absolutely appreciate and savor this luxurious gift. 

And... connecting with people whom you do not know through the eyes... is were new possibilities and opportunities can happen in the moment. 

When we are aware to the Present... this connecting to others is effortless and joyous. 

The outcome of you doing this will open your mind... and you can shut down old patterns of behaviour that keep you disconnented from others.

Looking and gazing into others eyes with presence... will transform not only your life... you will touch the lives of those around you. 

People know when you are really there with them and when you are with them... they will feel the connection with you in their hearts... and what a truly wonderful thing that is. 

They feel loved... they will feel heard... they will feel accepted and they will feel appreciated.

Think of it as double gifting. 

You are gifting yourself with this willingness to connect... and you are gifting the world by showing your authentic self through your eyes

An Abundant Way To Live...

How many people are you willing to tag with your power today? 

Tag... you are it!

You are your own Truth in this world

Do you have any awareness of how much brilliance lies within you? 

Do you even have an inkling of how magnificent you can be in this very moment? 

Well... do you?!? 

If you do... please continue to know this truth about you... and generously share this Truth of you. 

The world needs such men and women as you! 

If you are not familiar with what is lying dormant within you... let me gently remind you that they are indeed there. 

Most men and women really have no idea of just how powerful they actually are within... there are those who keep looking for power outside of themselves... never tapping into or being aware of the wellspring of their own power. 

These men and women are usually the victims... due to the fact that they consistently want the outside world and others to provide them with their happiness... they are waiting upon the circumstances to align just perfectly before they can revel in their goodness... and that is a very a dangerous place to be... because they are open to being used and abused.

As such men and women expect others to be responsible for their happiness... wealth and success... which renders them powerless.

Then there are others who suspect that this powerful energy within is there... and they have not befriended that place within them yet... they know that something special is within them...yet they do not understand what it is and just how to let it out. 

So they keep themselves hidden... and this powerful presence is patiently waiting to be introduced to the world.

There is the sporadic type... who have tapped into this powerful presence off and on throughout their lives... and have not been able to maintain this steady stream of powerful energy because they lack focus... they have smatterings of Joy and Success here and there... yet have no idea of how to keep that power energy within them burning and focused. 

These men and women can be called the manics... who when tapped into this powerful energy... are on top of the world... when they are disconnected from this powerful presence... they have a tendency to dive deeply into despair.

And then there are those that KNOW they are powerful and they own it... they understand this powerful presence and embrace it... that they are abundant and wealthy... and they share it freely with enthusiasm... generosity and confidence... this is their commitment to themselves and to the planet... they know that it is their place to Empower others wherever they go... and so they do so. 

They know that they can not be stingy and selfish with this powerful presence... because that would be harming and abusing others... and in turn harming and abusing themselves. 

And they know that whatever vibration they are resonating at... the world is going to reflect back to them at that very vibration. 

They are selfish in a sense being aware of themselves... they are selfish for their own development so they in turn can be generious to others... and in the fact that they know they are responsible for their own happiness and success in life.

They know the key is that when they are happy... abundant... successful... others will benefit from that too. 

They are allowing their success to flow to them by being their Truth... and they know and understand that their Happiness is the greatest gift that they can give and share to this incredibly awesome planet that we are all taking up space on temporarily. 

We possess a choice in life...

You can choose to be responsible for creating your Artistry of life with love... joy... happiness... beauty... abundance and optimism... that benefits others... which in return benefits you.

Or you can choose not to be responsible for your life... and giving your power over to others... so living in need... poverty... make do... and powerless.

What will be your legacy you leave for others to inherit? 

Which camp do you fall into... the responsible and powerful Dynamic Men and Women of this world?

Or the irresponsible and powerless? 

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

Ange is an  Author... Speaker... and Dynamic Peak Performance Personal Development Consultant... and Humanistic Counselling Psychologist and Sexologist... who works with men and women who desire to personally develop themselves and their relationships to become Dynamic Lifers... creators of their own life and wealth! 


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