Is Your Life Story Useful Do You Help Change The World?

By Ange Fonce

What are you doing it for?

And how will you know if it worked or not?

Always answer these two questions first, please. 

Is It Worth Doing?

If it is... then it is worth knowing before you do it.

A hammer is for getting nails into wood, and it is pretty easy to tell if it does the job well... and it is made of metal and not glass for instance... a glass hammer and metal nails would not work.

That is one reason why we have so many good hammers available to us... it does the job it was designed to do.

Whether It Is Going To Work Or Not?

Do you have real clarity about what it is for... and whether it works or not?

Too often... we wait until we see what something does before we decide what we built it for... what purpose it serves?

What is the point of investing time, energy and money into a project... if it does not serve a purpose, solves a problem... is useful in any way or makes life better?

It might be a great idea... yet what is it for... what purpose does it serve?

More to the point... what purpose do you serve in improving life and making it better for us all?

If you do have a great idea... think about it's purpose and how it will serve us?

So we can all enjoy the WIN-WIN and benefit from your great idea.

A hammer is a simple tool and yet it's effect upon the greater world... is profound!

It does it's job it was designed to do and serves it's purpose... effectively.

Often many problems are so over engineered and the solution is made complex and confusing... that it's purpose is lost... or ineffective... and the solution is higher maintenance then the problem is was meant to solve.  

When a simple and elegant solution... which we can all understand and agree upon... will have the greatest effect... and be useful to us all.

As a Zen saying goes...

"Simplicity is the greatest form of sophistication."

May You Enjoy A Prosperous And Productive Day.

Yours Sincerely

Ange Fonce