Is It Love? Or Just a Crush?

By Ange Fonce

We all know what it is like to fall for someone.

You never want to be apart. 

You obsess over them. 

You crave them. 

They can do no wrong.

Yet are those feeling really love

Not exactly.

They are symptoms of the temporary state of infatuation generated by literal chemical changes that affect the way you your brain processes information. 

It is a “high” based on initial attraction.

It is not “lust” exactly, yet close to it.

Many relationships start out with these feelings. 

So how can you cut through them to see if what you are feeling is more than a mere chemical high?

There are a number of questions you should ask yourself. 

And one is more important than all the others.

Does your relationship make you feel encouraged to be your best self?

When we are with someone who truly matters to us on a deep level, and to whom we matter as well, it makes us want to be a better version of ourselves.

And not in a way where we beat ourselves up over shortcomings. 

It should feel like an amazing combination of kindness, self-appreciation, and striving.

In contrast, when you are feeling infatuated, you barely notice yourself.

You daydream about your partner and how perfect he or she is.

Real relationships are based on character, loyalty, and our own actions to build the relationship for the long term.

If the relationship draws you toward that kind of thing, you know you are building on a foundation of love.

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Yours Sincerely

Ange Fonce

Ange is a Dynamic Personal Development, Strategy and Assesment Coach who works with those men and women who want to develop their confidence, influence, relationships, health and wealth! 

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