Is It Advice Or Criticism You Do? 

By Ange Fonce

It is often "natural" to be defensive in the face of "criticism"... after all no one likes being "judged"... the critic is often someone with an "hidden agenda" that is "different" from yours.

Yet advice... "solicited" or "suggested advice" from a "well meaning" and "insightful" friend or expert who wants for the "best" for you...  if you "confuse" that with "criticism"... you will leave a lot of "wisdom" and "experience" on the table.

Here is a simple way to "process advice"... try it on.

Instead of "explaining" to yourself and to your advisor why an "idea is wrong... impossible" or merely "difficult"... consider "acting out" what it would "mean"... act as if... talk it through... explore the "possibilities"... the "opportunities"... follow the trail and "see" where it goes. 

Turn the "advice" into a new business "opportunity"... or a "presentation" you might give to the board... the group... the "tribe." 

Turn the "advice" into three "possible" scenarios... work to make the "advice" even "bolder... better" for you!

When a friend says... 

"You would look good in a hat." 

It is "counterproductive" and "self destructive" to "imagine" that she just told you that you look lousy without a hat... and that you then have to "explain" why you never wear hats and take "offense" at the fact that she "thinks" you always look terrible.

Remember... all these "kind of thoughts" go on in your "own head."

Nope...  try on the hat... just try on the hat.

Put on a jacket that goes with the hat... walk around with the hat on... take a few pictures of yourself wearing a hat.

Then... if "you want to"... sure stop wearing hats... and if "you want to"... wear hats.

Advice is not "criticism"... so stop "reacting" all the time.. to "well meaning advice."

It could be "all the better" for you.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

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