Is Authentic Really Authentic?

By Ange Fonce.

Although the Sun never rises in exactly in the same place each day, it is consistent in that it rises. it is that consistency that the Sun will be there everyday, that we trust there will be a Sunrise." ~ Ange Fonce

Consider that maybe the only truly authentic version of you was way back when you were just a few days old, lying in a baby cot, and your main function in life was to either feed of your Mothers breast or a babies bottle, cry and fill your nappies on a regular basis.

Ever since then... you have undergone cultural conditioning, an installation of a belief system, an education to be "something" so that you can fulfil a role in an "economic" system.

You have learned strategies from your own personal experience and others about what it takes to survive in the wider world and in your own personal world.

And so much of what you believe to be true, is all actually invented.

When you tell me that it would be authentic for you to do a, b or c, my first reaction is that nothing you do is truly authentic, you will more and likely do x, y, and z.

Because it is all part of a long-term strategy for how you have learnt to make an impact in the world.

it takes an INCREDIBLE power of CONCIOUS effort to rewire the system and reprogram the drives you have evolved for you to exist in the World... both personally and culturally. 

I will grant you that it is essential to be consistent.. that people can tell when you shift your story and your work in response to whatever is happening around you, and particularly when you say whatever you need to say to get through the next cycle. 

That is what people come to TRUST... your CONSISTENCY!

So when you are not consistent and act and behave in an erratic manner... that is when other people have problems with you... you have become "defective" to the standard accepted programming.

Now... those men and women who make a concious choice to involve themselves in Personal Development face many "personal" challenges.

First... the challenge of changing their own "programming" and developing new ways of doing things so they acquire different results in life.

Second... the challenge you face from other people around you... you are changing the "game plan" that they have become used to in knowing and dealing with you.

And consistency is easier to talk about and measure than authenticity is.

Because consistency is needed to make CHANGES!

Because consistency is needed to learn new programs to over write the old programs.

So is being "authentic" a requirement to make changes?

Just look at the Art world... how many copies, fakes and variations there are of an authentic original?

The original is a "one off"... it is all the variations that takes Art in it's many varied directions of a "creative" process.

There are over 6 billion copies and counting in existence now of the first modern version of the "Human Being"... without counting the approximation of the 56 billion humans that have come and gone before you now.

So how can anyone of us, call ourselves... Authentic... we are ALL variations of the same theme?

The question is then, what is the personal impact you seek to make in the "time" you have been allotted to LIVE your life... and that "time span" is also a lottery draw... you could be here today and have no tomorrow?

So... what are the changes you are working for... and how can you acquire that and still do work you are proud of?

Now... what defines you... and how do you give your own life "meaning" in your short existence here on Earth?

In what way are you CONSISTENT?

May You Enjoy A Prosperous And Productive Day!

Yours Sincerely

Ange Fonce