Inspiration Junkies

By Ange Fonce

I am sure you must know someone who is an...
"inspiration junkie"... who look for pretty pictures.. and "inspirational quotes" instead of actually doing anything to improve their situation.

I have a request of  you... take ONE action after reading this writing... otherwise... I swear I am going to take a black marker... write words like... "heart"... "spirit" and any other "New Age"...bullshit on a heavy piece of cardboard and shove it up your...

For many of you... you will talk about your problems for years... including the things you "think" you need to fix.. even when the answer is right in front of you!

You "know" it and I "know" it... you deliberate about a bad relationship when all the signs are there... you complain about your boss... and years later... look back and say...

"I should have left years before." 

Yet publicly you SAY things like... 

"I just don't know..."

By the way... I do not blame such men and women... and they are not bad people... this is human nature. 

What I do ask that you hold yourself "accountable" and "responsible" and stop wandering around looking for the magical answer to fall from the sky... or some invisible friend?

You can search for magical tactics... inspirational quotes... or daily motivation... and none of it will work because the answer to the biggest problem in your life is almost certainly not EXTERNAL... it is INTERNAL.

If you have been wanting to lose 20lbs... or get your productivity under control... or earn more... the tactics are out there...  "inspirational quotes"... are flooding the internet... if you were serious, would you have not already found them with a little research?

Put another way... top performers... do not have the same problem for years.

That leads us to the idea that maybe the answer is not some super secret tactic... none of the tactics will really matter until you "change internally"... that means you focus on improving YOURSELF... and YOUR PROCESS.

Who talks about PROCESS... because few others do... it is easy to give you Tactic1... Tactic2,.. Tactic3... none of which you will more and likely never use.

Instead... I want you to look internally. 

What do you do every morning when you wake up? 

How can you get more done in 5 DAYS than all of last month?

I want to share with you part of an article I read recently.

"Many Olympic winter sports involve feats of incredible dynamism and gravity-defying stunts, making it seem as though the life of an elite winter athlete would be a nonstop adventure full of half-pipes and triple Axels. But what audiences don't see are the grueling practice sessions that involve hours of repetitive, muscle-straining movements.

Full days of training consisted of four hours of practicing compulsory figures, then two hours of free skating, then running through the short program and the long program, and then ... repeat. 'The same thing, day in and day out,' she said.

'I would spend four hours a day going in circles and trying to perfect the compulsory figures, and no one ever saw those but the judges,' Hamill told me. 'They were so complicated and so hard to perfect.'"

Like most people... I use to be focused with RESULTS more than anything else

"Damn... he made HOW MUCH MONEY last year?"

We look at others results... and compare ourselves to them... and it is also an amateur thing to do,.. because you are only looking at the END RESULT... not the process it took to get there... over time... while I was still fascinated with the results... I FOCUSED on the PROCESS they took to get those results.

Why Watching Fitness Videos Only Gets You 5% Of The Way...

Let us say you want to get more muscle...or lose weight... you might see videos of men on YouTube dead lifting hundreds of pounds... AMAZING... yet if you STOP at the results... you learn very little... yet if you study their process... what their workout is... how they train... how they rest... eventually you can come to understand... HOW... they acquire those extraordinary results too. 

Others focus on results only... just like I use to do... and rarely go the extra step to "understand"... and repeatedly practice the specific strategic... tactical... and psychological steps that masters take.

What Happens To Them?

At some point... they look at the RESULT... make a half hearted attempt to do it... and when they inevitably fail... they blame everyone... and everything else.

YES... life is unfair... and one of the best things I ever realized was that results matter... yet the PROCESS matters even more... when you "focus" on perfecting your process... you get the remarkable results that others envy. 

Do you SEE how INSPIRATIONAL BOARDS... and sayings are NOWHERE in this PROCESS? 

The people looking for their daily "motivation" fix are not the people seriously looking to take "action"... they want to double click an image on their phone... on their pc... "feel good" for a second... and go back to doing things the way they have always done... being an  "inspiration junkie."

The people who are truly serious "know" that "motivation" fades... and inspiration is nebulous... they work on PERFECTING THEIR PROCESS... on developing an EFFECTIVE system for themselves... that enables them to GET IT DONE... that gets them the RESULTS... they want to ACQUIRE!

There is only one saying you need to know... "I WILL GET IT DONE!"

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

Ange is an  Author... Speaker... and Dynamic Peak Performance Personal Development Consultant... and Humanistic Counselling Psychologist and Sexologist... who works with men and women who desire to "personally develop" themselves and their "relationships" to become Dynamic Lifers... "creators" of their own "life" and "wealth!" 


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