Inspiration Is A Curse And Not A Blessing

In Personal Development 

By Ange Fonce

Now let me ask you a question....

Was there any SOURCE OF INSPIRATION for you when you began your personal development?

Think about it for a moment... who or what has inspired you to transform and evolve?

Personally I have never had what you would call a guru and I am fortunate that I never had any these kinds of people as I have been with living mentors... experts in their craft... they are amazing people and I have learnt so much from them... yet one thing has been clear all along to me... that nobody can be a source of inspiration for me... because that word inspiration is dangerous.

The way I look at it is... first it is inspiration... then it becomes following... then it becomes imitation and you end up being a carbon copy of who inspired you... where is your own personal identity?

There is no need to be inspired by anybody... not only is there no need it is dangerous too. 

As a Personal Development Consultant... each individual I work with is unique... he or she cannot follow anybody else... they can only personally develop themselves and be the "best they can be... to me it is all about them as an individual... it is their personal development... I am there to help... lead... guide... assist... motivate... hold accountable and yes enable them to be the BEST they can be as an INDIVIDUAL...  my role is to be of service to THEM! 

I want to share with you a true story I have read about a man... 

Be The Individual YOU Are And Not A Copy

One hundred years had passed since Abraham Lincoln was shot dead... so for one year a great celebration was arranged in his honour all over America... one man looked like Abraham Lincoln... just a few touches here and there and he was almost a photographic copy of Abraham Lincoln.

He was trained to speak the way Abraham Lincoln used to speak with his gestures... his emphasis... his accent... everything... right down to the smallest of details... even the way he walked... for 24 hours a day he become Abraham Lincoln and he was to perform this drama of the life of Abraham Lincoln all over the country... moving from one place to another place the whole year.

He was shot dead so many times... every night in every show sometimes even twice a day... that year was a long year... he died so many times and his part in the drama became almost his second nature... so when the celebrations were finished... people were surprised... he walked out of the hall the same way Abraham Lincoln used to walk... he used to limp a little... he was limping... his wife said... 

"Come to your senses!" 

Because he spoke in the same way in an accent one hundred years old... his wife said... 

"Do not stretch the joke too much... just become your real self and come home."

He said... 

"I am my real self... I am Abraham Lincoln." 

For one year continuously he had lived as Abraham Lincoln... he died thousands of deaths as Abraham Lincoln... he had completely forgotten that he was ever anybody else... he was brought to a doctor the doctor talked to him... yet he was still totally immersed in his dramatic role... the doctor said... 

"Just forget that drama."

The man said... 

"What drama?"

The doctor turned to his wife and said to her... 

"This man will not listen unless he is shot dead!"

The family was getting mad... he lost his job... nobody was ready to treat him because he was not sick... he was simply glued with a fake mask that had become his own... one year is a long time and every day... 24 hours a day... he was Abraham Lincoln and to be Abraham Lincoln for one year and then suddenly become an ordinary human being... well... who would like it? 

He had seen the glorious days... the golden days and he was clinging tightly to them.

That man lived for a few years as Abraham Lincoln... he used to sign Abraham Lincoln exactly the same as Abraham Lincoln used to sign... would you say this man had attained something or lost something?

He has lost himself his own personal identity and what he has gained is just a dramatic act... he has become absolutely phony.

And this is the situation of almost everybody in the world... not so dramatic... not so outstanding and everybody is playing a certain role that has been taught to them... for which he or she has been brought up to play.

A child is born and that child is just human... they are a not a Christian... they are not a Jew... they are not a Muslim... they are not this or not that... they are a human child and then we start socially constructing a personality for them and their Humanity disappears and he or she will die believing that they are what ever society or culture has constructed for them... their role to act and play... so do not laugh at that poor man who died believing that he was Abraham Lincoln... because everybody else is doing the same... people are dying believing they are this... that or the other and yet they born not believing in anything!

I continually have trouble when it comes to filling out forms when they ask for nationality... sex and religion... I simply put Human Being... they would be shocked and would say... 

"You must have been born in some country... you must have a nationality... your parents must have a Nationality?"

I reply... 

"That does not make any difference... my father can be a English and that will not make me English... he cannot biologically transfer his Nationality to me... my Father was himself... he is not ME and just because it says words on a piece of paper does not mean that is ME... I was not born with a Nationality... I was born Human!" 

People are being trained as actors... in this whole big world you will find everybody acting everybody is brought up to act... beautiful names... etiquette... manners and hidden behind is a subtle psychology to make you forget your originality and imbibe you to become an actor with the vested interests of Religion... Culture... Politics and Society want you to be.

Never be inspired by anybody...

Remain Open To Be As You Want To BE!

When you see a beautiful sunset... you enjoy the beauty of it... when you see a Great Man and Great Woman... enjoy the beauty of the man and woman... enjoy the authenticity of the man and woman... enjoy the truth the man and woman has realized and do not become a follower... all followers are lost to their own truth.

Remain yourself...  because this man and woman has found that... because he and she has remained himself and herself... he and she is a unique Individual! 

Consider this... all the Great Men and Great Women of history and those alive now... these amazing men and women who have been or are a great inspiration to many people were themselves usually never inspired by anybody... that is how they protected their originality... that is how they evolved themselves.

I have been with gurus and I have loved them for who they are and to me the very desire to be like them repels me... to me the uniqueness of individuals is the greatest personal truth... because of their own authenticity and originality and do not fall in the trap of following them to be them... be yourself.

The famous maxim from Socrates is... Know thyself and it is incomplete... after Know thyself... another maxim is needed... Be thyself... otherwise you are just playing the actor that others have educated and conditioned you to be. 

Knowing thyself comes first... then once you know yourself and who you really want to be then be thyself and live as you WANT to be.

The real great mentors in my life have been friends... a helping hand to me... their wisdom and experience pointing me in a direction to find my own unique truth... they have never wanted to make a slave out of me... a believer of theirs that they are my guru to be enslaved too... an imitation of them.

By all means learn from great Individuals... emulate them... do not imitate what they do and who they are... do not just follow blindly believing what others have told you to believe in.

Remember you are also one of a kind...

You Are Your Own Great Man And Great Woman 

You are your own TRUTH as a  Dynamic Lifer!

Have you any thoughts or comments you would like to share with me on what I have written?

I would love to hear from you.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Loving... Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

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