Influence Him To Asking You Out  By Back Leading

By Ange Fonce

Is it OK to ask a man out yourself?

The answer is YES... it is perfectly fine to ask a man out if you feel attracted to him... and suspect he is interested, too... a lot of women have no problem doing this and it can actually work out... leading to something positive... for both involved.

Maybe you are not comfortable with that for some reason... maybe you want a man to make the move or maybe you are just not 100% sure that he is interested... available... and you do not want to risk feeling embarrassed if he turns you down.

The thing is,you CAN do something to let a man know that you would be up for getting to know him better without actually having to ask...

"Would you like to go out sometime?"

Do You Know There Is A Way To Lead A Man To Ask You Out?
There is a way to show a man where you want things to go without actually doing it yourself or telling him straight out what you want... in other words... there is a way to tell a man that you want him to ask you out without actually saying the words... appearing desperate or being too "aggressive” you do it by initiating HIM to lead.

Here is how to... “Back Lead Him.”

In social situations... there is always a "leader" and a "follower" and the energy FLOWS from the submissive to the dominant person... not the other way around.

A friend of mine who is a ballroom dancer taught me this... in dancing she SHOWS a man the way she wants him to go without actually pulling or pushing him there... she does it through a technique she calls "back leading" you show a man where you want to go... then you relax and CREATE THE SPACE for him to take you there... you do not fill the space for him.

This way, a man can feel like he is the one who pursued you and you can feel more relaxed knowing that him “asking you out” was "his" idea.... because the LAST thing you want to be doing or feeling is that you are somehow "chasing" the man.

Here Is An Example Of How You Might Do This...

You might say something like... 

"You seem like a great guy.... I would love to get to know you better.... here is my number... if you were to ask me out for tea sometime... I would say yes."

Here is the caveat for this technique...

It is NOT back leading when you are calling him all the time... texting him to meet you somewhere.... complaining that he does not call you enough or pushing him to "make good" on a suggestion that you two do something together.

That s not back leading.

That is CONVINCING and it is a total turn off for a man if he is not yet sure where the relationship is headed.

May you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic Day.

Yours Sincerely

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