A story needs at least two people to exist.

One who writes the words from their imagination... and one who reads the words in their imagination.

And it is the point of connection between the two... in their imaginations

The writer... and the reader... that the story becomes... alive.

Full of colour... full of feeling... full of meaning.

It is where the emotions mix... one touches the other.... each can become aware of the other.

Without the writer... without the reader the story between two people can never exists... it will have no life... no energy to exchange... no life to thrive upon.

How many stories are still born... a forgotten figment of imagination... because they were never written... never read.

Fear kills so many unborn stories... that never had a chance to live.

So be you a writer... or you a reader... create stories.

Even if the story only exists between two people.

Your story is LIVING!

Stories that are created only die... when one stops writing... and one stops reading. 

And stories are not only written... and read.

There are spoken... and listened too.

May You Enjoy A Prosperous And Productive Day!

Yours Sincerely

Ange Fonce

The Mirror

Look into my light and see with your eyes

Reach into my heart and touch with your hand

See with my smiles your warm embrace.

Hear your laughter for it is my joy.

Your scent is my feeling.

Kiss away my tears for it is your sorrow.

Reach into my mirror as I reach into yours

And we will see each other. ~  Ange Fonce