If You Want To Race To The Bottom And Not Work To The Top! 

By Ange Fonce

If you want people to go "looking elsewhere" in order to "leverage you" into giving them "what they want" of "value" in order to keep them... then by all means... only give them "what they want"... and "value" them... when they go "looking elsewhere."

If you want people to nickel and dime you for the last penny... then by all means... give them "loans" and when they cannot "afford it"... and stretch out "their payments" and use them as a "free source of cash."

If you want people... the home seller or the art dealer or the agent to put their goods up for "auction" to "minimize" the price you will have to pay... then definitely punish those that do not have "auctions" by seeking to "pay them" as "little" as possible.

If you want people to "auction off" your "attention" to the "highest bidder"... the best "strategy" is to only use "services" that do not charge you a fee.

If you want people to "spam" you... buy something from a telemarketer or a junk email pedlar.

If you want people to use "gotchas... fine print" and the "hard sell"... buy your "products" and "services" from someone who "promises" you the "lowest price" and then "figures" out how to make a "profit" from you in other ways.

If you want people to throw "tantrums" in order to get a "better service"... then only give a "focused... urgent response" to people who throw "tantrums" and do not "care" about "caring" for anyone else.

Most of all... 

If you want people to "hear about you"... then "produce something" and "provide something" worth "talking about" of "useful value!"

The world is full of "vanilla"... the "ordinary"...the "status quo"... being "exceptional" is worth doing... worth "talking" about!

Now... if you want people who are "loyal" and "respect" you... then conduct yourself with "integrity" and do the "hard work" that deserves "loyalty"... and "respect"... and produces "great value!"

And "work" you way to the TOP!

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

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