How To Use The Intelligence Of M I V In Every Day Life 

By Ange Fonce

Continuing on from the last article where I talked about “how” to find out what a persons most M I V is.... “most important value”... where I laid out the basic framework about “identifying” some ones MIV and "how" to use that “intelligence” to subtly “influence” and “persuade” that individual.
In this article I wanted to follow up and share with you some other examples and give you some “practical ways” to use this “intelligence” about a persons MIV.
Now read on.... 

Let us use a work example and start with the “expectation” that your boss has of you. 

Do you “know” off the top of your head what your boss number 1 “expectation” is of you? 

And if not... can you see “how knowing” this “intelligence” would help you in your job? 
Here is an example from my life. 

When I was working for an charity organization years ago my boss ended up getting a promotion and her previous post had to be filled... they promoted from within the organization and their choice was one of my peers.
She was a very skilled worker and I had no problem reporting to her... and after she had been in the position for a few weeks... I had a meeting with her and asked her what her number “1 expectation of me” was as her supervisee.
After “thinking” about it for a moment... she said that she “wanted me” to keep “her informed” about all of “my projects” and update her regularly about the progress of each... the “reason” she wanted to “know” this was because as one of the "new kids on the block" in her role as a supervisor... one of her “greatest fears” was having her boss ask her about one of my projects and not having a ready answer for her boss.
So we set up weekly meetings where I could update her about all of the projects that “I was responsible for”... and that way “she would know” what I knew about my projects so that she was never at a loss when her boss asked her what was going on with my work.
Now... what would have happened if she said... 

"Ange... the most important thing to me is that you are at your desk promptly at 8:00 am no matter what... when I come by your desk at 8 am I want to see you there every morning."
Had she said that to me... what I would have done? 

If you said make a point of being at my desk every day at 8:00 am... then you are right.
Now... if I wanted to double check and confirm that being at my desk at 8:00 am is the “most important value” of my supervisor... I could say something like...
"So... just to make sure I understand you correctly... when it comes to things like the quality of my work... my ability to be a team player... and being able to complete projects on time... you are telling me that being at my desk by 8:00 am every day is your most important value for me?"
If she says “yes”... then I “know” what “the most important value” to her is and I “know” what to do. 
If she says... 

"Well hold on... I do want you to be punctual and the quality of your work is important too." 

Then I “know” that maybe being at my desk at 8:00 am may not be quite as “important” as the "quality of my work.” 
And with a few more “questions” I can find out if the “quality of my work” is “the most important value” or something else.
Another example... 

Suppose you are a man and you go out and you are looking to hook up with someone to have a "good time"... so you start a “conversation” with someone and “learn” that she recently ended a relationship and is just looking to have a "good time." 
What are the “opportunities” of the two of you getting together for the weekend?
Now contrast that with another woman you have a “conversation” with and who says that she is in a "relationship" with a man she wants to marry and that tonight she is just out with her girlfriends. 
Consider the “options” between the two woman... and the “option” with the second woman is basically nil... because your “values” are different... in the “circumstances”... 1st woman = single and looking for "good time"... 2nd woman = man and marriage.
Who has the “common value” with you and is the “better option?”    
One of the keys to "getting good" at this "skill" is being able to "talk" to people... and more "importantly" having people "talk to you"... so you can "listen" and gather "intelligence"... and the more "comfortable" that someone "feels talking to you"... the more "trustworthy" you appear to them... and often times the more they will tell you about themselves because they feel that they can "trust" you.
So "how" do you make people "feel comfortable" with you to the point where they "feel" like they can "trust" you and will tell you things that they would otherwise reserve for their best friends?
That is the subject of up coming articles... "assuming rapport" and going "beyond rapport"... to building "trust" and being "trustable" and building the "likability factor"... where  we will discuss some of the "key things" that you can do to "establish trust" and have others "feel" like they have known you for years!

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

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