How To Use Embedded Commands To Influence

In The Persuasive Process 

By Ange Fonce 

So let us get right into it!

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I cover this subject in greater depth in the 3rd System of Dynamic Life Development Systems... The Power Of Confidence Persuasion & Influence.

And in this short article... I would like to share with a couple of simple "patterns" that you can use that come off as "natural."

Before I give you them though... let me make this disclaimer. 

Embedded commands work on the "subconscious level"... you are not trying to come off as "bossy" or even "authoritative." 

With these types of "commands" you are using "subliminal influence"... working to get your "ideas" across in the "persuasive process" without sounding like a jerk.

So keeping this in "mind"... remember that just because you say the "command".. does not mean the "listener" will "automatically" do what you say... this is not "hypnosis!" 

So if I use a sentence like... 

"The more you learn about these"commands"... the more you "will" want to "express" your "gratitude" and send me a million pounds." 

I am not really expecting you to dash off to your cheque book and scrawl out a cheque for a million pounds... that would be plain stupid on my part. 

So if you are planning on using "embedded commands" to tell supermodels either male or female... to follow you home while they throw money at you... let me save you the trouble and let you know that it will not work... now put the fantasy to one side "will" you... and read on.

Now if you want to "advance" a "listener" to the next "logical" step of what you are "persuading" them to do... in your "proposal"... then "embedded commands" can be a "powerful" part of the "influence process."

For example... 

"As you read this article... you "will" want to "learn" even more about "embedded commands."

It is much more "natural" sounding... in this case much more "natural" reading.

How about this example... 

"The more you "consider" my "proposal"... the more you "will" want to "hear" the "details."

See "how" there is no overkill there... just "short" and "subtle."

To get some "practice" at this... here are "two patterns" that you can use to start to "create" your own "embedded commands" to "influence" in the "persuasion process." 

Pattern 1... The more you ... the more you ...

I have already used this "pattern" in this article... and here are some other examples...

Example 1... The more you "think" about this... "product... service"... the more you "will" want to "learn" about it.

Example 2... The more you "think" about "him... her"... the more you "will" want to call "him...her."

Example 3... The more you "think" about driving the sports car the more you "will" want to own it.    

Pattern 2... As you... you will...

Example 1... As you play around with these "patterns" you "will" become more comfortable with them. 

Example 2... As you "imagine" having more money to spend you "will" ask your boss for a raise.

Example 3... As you "imagine" getting back into shape you "will" easily pass up dessert. 

Play around with these "patterns" and have some fun "practicing" with them... remember the more you "use them" the easier they are to "create!"

In a future article about "influence" and "persuasion"... I will go over perhaps one of the most "powerful techniques" of "influencing" someone to "follow your commands" that you have known about since you were 2 years old. 

As you read that "article"... you "will" learn about it.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

Ange is an  Author... Speaker... and Dynamic Peak Performance Personal Development Consultant... and Humanistic Counselling Psychologist who works with men and women on line and real world who desire to "personally develop" themselves and their "relationships" to become Dynamic Lifers... creators of their own life and wealth!

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