How To Turn Someone To Your Way Of Thinking

By Ange Fonce

In this article I wanted to talk about how to recruit a spy... seriously... at least the first step to turning someone to your way of thinking

And before I tell you exactly what the first step is at least in the case that I am about to share with you... what do you think is the first step? 

Using some high tech spy gear to determine what the recruit is thinking? 

Bugging all of the individuals electronic devices so that you can find out his contacts and daily routine? 

Following him with a high powered electronic receiver so you that you can hear everything that the recruit says? 

As it turns out it has nothing to do with those things. 

In his book "The Like Switch" author Jack Schafer talks about this very process. 

And know it or not the strategy of recruiting a high level diplomat to change his allegiance and work for the United States involved one main thing. 

Making friends with the diplomat... ideally even before any words were exchanged... so how was this accomplished? 

By having the American FBI agent station himself along the route that the diplomat used everyday... and what did the American agent do? 

Nothing... he just let himself be seen by the diplomat in a non threatening way... because the goal of the first step in turning this diplomat was to make friends with him... so on a daily basis the diplomat was exposed to this agent and desensitized to him... in other words the diplomat began to feel comfortable in the presence of this agent and this also caused something else to happen... the diplomat actually began to grow curious about the agent. 


Because the diplomat clearly knew that this agent worked for some part of the US government and after seeing him for so many weeks on a daily basis... the diplomat wondered why this American agent was not making contact with him... at this point the diplomat wanted to know more about the FBI agent and what his intentions were... yet the agent took his time and did not rush the process. 

So was the agent able to make contact with the diplomat without scaring him away? 

And was he able to compromise the agent to consider working for the US and not the diplomats own country? 


In the  story that I read about in Jack Schafers book called "The Like Switch." 

He talks about a process whereby he compromised a foreign diplomat and basically turned them into a spy for the United States and he did it not by using super secret James bond style toys... he did it by using good old basic psychology and he took advantage of some of the social and psychological triggers that we are all susceptible to as human beings. 

So was the agent able to make contact with the diplomat without scaring him away? 

The answer is yes he was. 

And the reason that he was able to do this was because he had put in the time necessary to make the diplomat feel comfortable in his presence... the agent invested weeks just letting himself be seen by the diplomat on the diplomats own turf... the agent would make eye contact and nod his head and then turn away. 

Eventually he would go to the same corner store that the diplomat would go to which is where the agent spoke to the diplomat for the first time. 

Because this was a sensitive mission and the potential for scaring away the diplomat was tremendous... notice how the agent took his time to really make sure that he did not spook the diplomat... in other words he could have gone up to the diplomat the first day that he saw him and introduced himself and try to befriend him right then and there and that may have scared the diplomat off... so instead he made himself a part of the diplomats world until the diplomat was completely at ease and even curious about his presence. 

Only then did he proceed to try to strike up a conversation with the man. 

Dealing with the second question... did the agent in fact compromise the diplomat and get him working for the US? 

And the answer is yes he did. 

Now there was a little more work involved in this pursuit. 

For example... 

The agent knew that the diplomat was getting ready to retire and there were rumours that he was thinking of living in the U S which is where the diplomat was stationed instead of going back to his country of origin. 

There was also the consideration of what the diplomats wife wanted to do... what the agent did not want to have happen was to have the diplomat be ready and willing to defect from his country and not have the diplomats wife on board with the plan. 

So instead of asking the diplomat directly about becoming a spy for the US... the agent planted seeds in those initial meetings with the diplomat so that the diplomat could convince his wife to go with him saving the agent the headache of having to convince the wife as well. 

And all of this work turned on making the diplomat feel comfortable with the FBI agent... if the diplomat felt threatened or coerced in any way... there is a very good possibility that none of this would have happened. 

And knowing the psychological triggers that create this type of compliance is key to building rapport with people... getting them to lower their guard and subtly making suggestions that you want them to follow up on... at times it is not very sexy and there are no super secret James Bond devices to use. 

These processes and triggers work as they have done in the past and they will work now and long into the future because they are based on sound psychological principles and understanding human behaviour

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

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