How To Turn Failure Into Success

By Ange Fonce

The term "failure" gets bounced around a fair amount and probably means different things to different men and women.

In my mind... an "epic fail" is when you "fail" to "achieve" a goal and "acquire" what is an "essential part" of your "life story." 

It might be the "failure" of a business you always wanted to start... or a a relationship you put your heart into that really meant something to you...and it just did not happen. 

That is an "epic experience."

So, then... what do you do? 

As a man who has "experienced" some "truly epic fails" in my life... I have come up with a "formula" that has kept me going... and been able to turn "failure" into "success."

1... Stop Complaining....

Yes... your efforts did not get the "result" you wanted.

Yes... it is a "big disappointment"... and every second you "waste complaining" about the situation is only setting your "failure" into concrete. 

Vent once or twice... then "move on."

2... Take Responsibility...

Your "epic fail" was not because of the "economy... relationships" or anything else that was out of "your control." 

You "failed" because you were not "smart enough" to "understand" and "adapt" to "circumstances"... and was not "realistic" and "sloppy" in what you set out to do... period.

If you start "blaming things" that are "outside your control" for "your failure"... you are handing "your future" over to "fate" and the "uncontrollable." 

Accept "responsibility." 

You screwed up... live with it.

3... Forgive Yourself...

It is only after you have taken "full responsibility" for your "epic fail" that you can afford to give yourself some slack. 

As long as you remember that there is no such thing as an "A for effort"... it is fine to take "pride" in the fact that you did your best.

You did do you best... did you not?

4... Celebrate The Failure...

This is the most difficult part for many men and women... as they take the "failure" to personal to them.

Yet... this probably the most "important point." 

Consider this... it is impossible to have an "epic fail" if you are not attempting "something epic." 

You were dreaming big... EPIC BIG.. and that is more than 99 percent of the people in this world ever do.

Ye... it would have been great if you had enjoyed "success"... the "real loser" is not the one who "plays" and "fails"... it is the men and women who never dare to play at all. 

So celebrate already... that you are a "player" in the "game of life."

That is a "success" in itself.

5... Debrief Yourself...

Stand back from the situation and ask yourself these questions...

  • What did I do that worked?
  • What did I do that did not work?
  • What could I have done differently?
  • What did I miss completely?
Since this is an "epic fail"... it is best to plan on "investing" at least a week... with as few distractions as possible... really "thinking" about these "questions" and coming up with "written" and "detailed answers."

A few years back I experienced a MAJOR epic fail... I spent a whole week "writing" down everything I could "think" of that I had done that lead me to such an "epic fail."

Then I spent over two more weeks going through everything I had written... the big mistakes were easy to spot... it was the "lots of little ones" that were most revealing.

I then started to make major changes in my own "thinking" and "how" I did things.

That "epic failure" transformed into a "life changing" experience.

Which I have been building upon ever since... in a "solid" way and "acquiring success."

6... Recommit Yourself...

Now it is time to put the "failure" behind you. 

It happened and you have "learned" what you can from it... the only question now is...

Can you summon the "emotional" and "mental" strength to move "forward" again and "learn" to do things "better" and "differently" this time?

Be "honest" with yourself... if the answer is "no"... you have done with that "goal" or "relationship." 

Let it go. 

Find something else to do that really gets you "motivated."

If the answer is "yes"... then continue to treat "success" as a must. 

Recommit yourself to do whatever it takes... within legal and ethical bounds... to "achieve" an "epic success."

Focus on building your life as you want your life to be.

And if you are wanting to be in a "relationship" again... do not go "repeating" your "mistakes" off the past.

If you are a woman... "invest" the "time" to REALLY get to "know" and "understand" what makes men tick... so you can "relate" to men more in "future relationships."

If you are a man the EXACT same applies to you too... "invest" the "time" in REALLY getting to "know" and "understand" what makes women tick so you can "relate" to women more in any "future relationships."

You will be glad you did. 

Plan for "success"... not for failure.

7... Create A New Plan...

Based on what you have "learned" from the "epic fail"... go and "create" a new "plan of action" that will lead you toward your goal. 

If you have "truly recommitted" yourself... "creating" this "new plan" will get you "energized" and "excited."

And, if you "feel" any "oh no... not again" dread and the "new plan" is not "motivating" you... you have not really done the previous step. 

Go back to "step 6" and really decide. 

It has to be "100 percent commitment" or it is not worth bothering.

Saying "I will try"... is a "guaranteed failure" before you have even started... and bluntly put... just not good enough... because that is more and likely why you "failed" in the first place!

8... Reality Check Your Plan...

Now that you have "created" your "new plan"... go run it by somebody whom you "trust" and who has the "experience" in "acquiring" this kind of goal. 

For example...

if you are making another run at starting your own business... get a "local successful entrepreneur" to "critique" your "new business plan."

If you are wanting a "new relationship" and you want to build a "successful relationship"... seek the "help" and "advice" of an "successful experienced professional" in this field.

9... Execute The Plan...

Take "massive action" to "create momentum." 

Whenever anything reminds you of your "epic fail"... use that "emotional energy" to "drive you forward."

As I said... I have used this "method" repeatedly to recover from some pretty "epic failures" in my life... like failed past "relationships" and "projects" that have "crashed and burned" badly.

And as a result... I am building a solid... growing business and enjoying relationships with some amazing... cool and successful men and women.

I am a happy man creating and building the life I WANT to live. 

So this method really works... I can vouch for it.

Failure is a hard and painful task master... when you "do not learn the lessons" that "failure" teaches you. 

And when you do "learn" and "understand" the "lessons" from "failure." 

Failure becomes a wonderful teacher for growing your SUCCESS!

Thank you and may you enjoy a Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

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