How To Master Feelings A Special Technique To Help You

By Ange Fonce

What I am going to share with you and what you are going to learn is something most people will never know about themselves and how to become more empowered... focused and confident.

I do not know about you that when I was younger I was never taught how to deal with emotions let alone strong destructive ones like anger... grief... shame and fear.

And now I know that being able to calibrate my emotions or feelings and how to understand and transform them into power is one of the most important personal skills anyone can have and without the ability to skill fully calibrate your emotions they control... limit and defeat you.

Positive emotions empower and inspire you and negative emotions weaken and demotivate you.

It is not that emotions are good or bad... it is the effect they have on you and your energy levels and out look on life.

Know it or not most people only experience neutral and negative emotion on a daily basis with very little positive emotion and this causes you to fail to create the life you want by being overpowered and controlled by other people not just their own feelings and feel like you are not understood... you do not belong and fear rejection.

If you understood how to transform your negative emotions into positive ones and channel it into power and action... your life would be a whole lot different.

Without emotional mastery you cannot be fully present and behind the steering wheel in your life... especially when it comes to fear.


The root of most problems... self defeat and limitation

Fear is at the root of all negative emotions

Doubt and insecurity are the cause of loss of power... lack of influence... failure and a nagging sense that you are not good enough and do not belong... your decision making ability to clarify and achieve goals and create the life you really want and deserve is all being undermined by your lack of emotional mastery.

Because anyone can learn how their mind and emotions really work and how to respond to emotions and not to be confused with avoidance... suppression and reaction.
My clients make such rapid progress in their lives because of the simple system of skill building using a unique processes that I share with them.

Originally I researched... studied and learnt from other really Great Coaches the Science of Personal Development and created all this for myself because nobody had been able to empower me with what I really needed on a daily basis and in those times of personal crisis and so through a natural and thorough evolutionary process of trail and error I developed a system based in psychological science which evolved into a Personal Development System.

You must become better at emotional calibration and focus in order to really be in charge of your life.

You can learn exactly how to master your emotions and gain a lot more confidence... clarity and focus in your life when you understand the codes that have been imprinted in your mind the natural programs that drive you.

Here are some little known facts about emotions...

How To Get LEVERAGE On Yourself

As you know we live in a world of opposites... there is a polar opposite to everything. 

Night and day... black and white... up and down... male and female... hot and cold... etc.

Well our emotions have poles as well... negative and positive and they are intricately connected like two sides of a coin.

Why is this important?

Because you can literally change your negative emotions sometimes in seconds by reframing them and you need to know what negative emotion you are feeling and what the opposite is and when you know this you can quickly transform your emotions without having to avoid or suppress them in some self defeating way.

Here are some basic negative and positive emotional polarities and how to move from the negative to positive...
Emotional Transformation Techniques

PAIN and HURT turn into LOVE and INTUITION when you stop resisting the pain... accept it and breathe through it.

ANGER and RESENTMENT turn into AUTHORITY and LOVED BASED ACTION when you practice letting go of blame and being a victim.

FEAR and ANXIETY turn into COURAGE and SECURITY when you name and face the thing you are afraid of head on.

GRIEF and DEPRESSION can turn into JOY and CONTENTMENT when you express instead of repress what you are sad about and then express why you are grateful about it too.

APATHY and STUCKNESS turn into OPTIMISM and EASE when you stop being pessimistic and tell yourself...

"I can and I will."
What To Do

I have a system of simple powerful processes that I share my clients on how to transform emotions quickly.

And for now you can do this...

Next time you find yourself in a bad mood or negative emotional state refer back to the list above.

Figure out what main negative emotion you have and write about it for a few minutes and really EXPRESS yourself and get out the honest raw truth of what you are thinking and feeling first.

Then looking at the list see what the key process is to transform the negative emotions into positive and write some more until you feel better.

Next write down 1 or 2 empowering ACTIONS you can take to help fortify the work you just did and be sure to DO it.

What you have just learned is not known by 99% of people and it will begin to transform your life and increase your confidence if you just practice this simple exercise on a regular basis.

And if you are reading this and thinking to yourself...

"Your kidding me Ange?"

No I am not so many methods for personal development and personal confidence are over complex and made deliberately so and I know as I have tested them out on myself!

I have found that often the most simple methods are the most effective for rapidly transforming your life and uncovering your natural built in confidence.

And yes if you do have deep psychological problems that will require more sophisticated therapy.

Have you any thoughts or comments you would like to share with me on what I have written?

I would love to hear from you.

Thank you and may you enjoy a Loving... Prosperous and Dynamic day!

Yours Sincerely

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